EVENT REVIEW: Luminosity Beach Festival 23-06-2012 by Atoosa Abn


(Photo provided by Atoosa Abn)

Not sure if it was the beach, the people, the music, or the wind blowing through our hair. I have yet to figure it out but Luminosity Beach Festival was beyond what I had expected and was worth every mile traveled from Toronto to be there in Zandvoort, Netherlands!

The two-day festival started on Saturday, June 23rd.  The first thing you notice when you walk into Luminosity is a breath-taking view of the North Sea. Off to a good start. Then you feel a kicking bass thundering below your feet—you’re starting to feel the energy! Best of all, you have 3 stages to pick from: Waikiki Beach, Fiji Beach, and Hawaii.

We made our way to the main stage, Waikiki Beach, where Aerofoil was opening at 12:00 pm.  We saw lots of flags and met people from all around the world! Countries like Australia, USA, Brazil, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, UK, Italy, Spain, Greece.. we had a mini world with us!

Walking around, we made our way to Fiji Beach, a smaller stage on top of a hill. Estiva opened at 1:00 pm. The crowd was enjoying the music—cleverly selected to compliment the surreal view and sunny weather. Playing tracks like Andy Duguid’s “Wasted”, Gabriel and Dresden’s club mix of Way Out West’s “Mindcircus”, and Estiva’s own “Death of Me” with Tania Zygar—Estiva’s opening set was a perfect start to this stage.

Scheduled to play at 4:30 pm, everyone was excited to hear Ronny K’s uplifting sounds. Starting his set with the Szanszy mashup to Ronny K vs. Cathy Burton “Better tomorrows vs. Reach Out to Me” and taking them higher with his “From Somewhere” and “Morning Light”, Ronny K was a hit with these euphoric trance lovers. They chanted his name, clapped their hands and closed their eyes as they hummed to their favourite melodies!

Hawaii stage, located directly on the beach and slightly bigger than Fiji, had been shut down for some time due to technical difficulties with wind and sand, but was running  full-tilt when we got there to catch Solarstone at 9:00 pm! From beginning to end, Solarstone fueled the crowd’s energy and gave them exactly what they craved—uplifting, uplifting, and more uplifting. In-between the jumping, the crowd was hugging each other, jumping together arm-in-arm, kneeling to the ground to Solarstone’s remix of Young Parisians’s “Jump To The Next Train”. It was a sight to see. The crowd’s reaction to Solarstone’s pure mix of his “Seven Cities” was an unforgettable moment. Seeing a wave of arms up moving in sync, peaceful smiles, eyes gazing at the waves crash the shore; you could not help ask yourself if this was really happening.

Atoosa Abn – EDM TOR


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