EVENT PREVIEW: Trance Unity Rave 2024 @ Ste Catherine Hall; Montreal, QC, 16-03-24


Trance fans from all over the world were eagerly awaiting the ticket link to go live for Trance Unity 2024 last month, and it’s no wonder – Trance Unity quickly became Canada’s premier trance event after its first appearance on the scene in 2015, due to the hard work by the Monkey BuzinezZ team. When we saw the line-up announced for 2024, we knew we had to get back to Montreal for the 8th edition of TU.

Our team has attended most of the Trance Unity events, producing some of the most extensive reviews of trance parties ever done. Don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews from 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 for yourselves.

Trance Unity will be held at Ste Catherine Hall (formerly Circus Afterhours) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on March 16th, 2024. The venue has three rooms themed Heaven, Hell and Earth, with ample room to host all of the featured producers and DJs. The event will go from 8PM to 10AM EST and will prove to be a true marathon event for your feet, so wear your most comfortable shoes.

As always, this event has a strict NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOGRAPHY rule. That’s right! Monkey BuzinezZ insists that you do not shoot any pictures or videos. The rule is in place to keep you focused on the event and the music and NOT getting you distracted by social media or distracting others from their experience. This rule also allows the DJs to play unreleased music and bootlegs to their heart’s desire. What happens at Trance Unity STAYS at Trance Unity!

This year the lineup features some new faces (such as Alessandra Roncone‘s Canadian debut) and veteran ones too (Mark Sherry has six Trance Unity events under his belt). There really is no reason to miss out!

In the Heaven Room, expect to be uplifted by Aly & Fila, Ruben de Ronde, Ben Gold, Estiva, Alessandra Roncone, Daxon, Karl K-otic, and OWNX.

Aly & Fila is a name no avid trance connoisseur could be a stranger to. Aly El Sayed Amr Fathalah and Fadi Naguib, the founders of the Future Sound of Egypt label, have secured themselves as one of the most legendary trance names of all time. Witnessing their premier Trance Unity set will be a delight to all in attendance.

Ruben de Ronde is a well-known face and voice to any trance fan who regularly tunes into the A State of Trance Radio Show every week. He returns again to the Heaven room after playing it back in 2020.

Ben Gold is a returning guest, having played in the Heaven Room back in 2017. Be prepared for his hard-hitting headlining set!

Estiva‘s upbeat, melodic style fits in with the Heaven theme. Steven Baan will have you floating in a cloud, deep in your feels.

Alessandra Roncone will make her way from Bologna, Italy, to have her debut Canadian appearance at Trance Unity, and we know she won’t fail to bring all of her talent and passion for the genre with her. With events like Dreamstate and Luminosity Beach Festival under her belt, expect to be blown away.

Daxon, or Dan Dobson, is coming over from Manchester, England to play his first ever Trance Unity set. This isn’t his first trip to Canada – he played Rebel Toronto in August of 2023, alongside Markus Schulz, and was in Calgary a month later. We hope to hear some of his stellar remixes and mashups along with his own releases during his set.

Karl K-otic aka Carl M. Gilbert, is another artist that has played every Trance Unity since its’ inception. He always brings high energy, and an enormous smile with him.

OWNX aka Guillaume Labonté is another Canadian Producer and DJ from Quebec. He played the Earth Room for 2023’s Trance Unity rave, which is available to listen to here:

Over in the Hell Room, you can expect the darker side of trance with music provided by Mark Sherry, David Forbes, Simon Patterson, Orkidea, Tomac and Weekend Heroes.

Mark Sherry is no stranger to the Trance Unity decks. This will be his 7th TU appearance, and for good reason. Year after year, he packs any room he plays in!

David Forbes will be making his first venture to the decks for Trance Unity. With a career crossing two decades of music, his musical knowledge and expertise is hard-pressed to be matched. We are sure he is happy to be joining his long-time friend Mark Sherry at this party.

Simon Patterson is also making his first Trance Unity appearance this year.  You can depend on the dark side of Psymon to make an appearance.

Orkidea (Tapio Hakanen) last appeared in the Heaven room in 2016. We can’t wait to see what he brings for the Hell room of 2024.

Weekend Heroes consists of Felix Nagorsky aka Timelock and Eli Baltsan aka DJ Zombi. They are making their first appearance at Trance Unity 2024.

Tomac has played at every single Trance Unity, as an opening DJ for both the Heaven and Hell rooms. He also has created most of the Trance Unity preview and recap videos that have come out. Expect to hear some of his own releases as well as be surprised by tracks you probably haven’t heard yet.

For those of you that love classic trance, be sure to venture into the Earth Room and be taken down memory lane with Mark Sherry (that’s right, he’s playing two sets at this TU), Somna, JayMav, JCP, Dimin and Sveinbjorn.

Mark Sherry played the Earth room in 2023 and posted the set on his SoundCloud afterward.  You can listen in here:

Somna aka Benjamin Leung, hails from the west coast of Canada and heads up Ava Recordings. This will be his first Trance Unity appearance and he will be slamming us with tons of AVA release classics.

JayMav aka John Mavrogiannis, is a DJ and producer from Toronto who has been making a name for himself with his releases and appearances over the past few years. This will be his first appearance as a DJ at Trance Unity and he promised via his Facebook page that he is bringing his A-game.

JCP aka Jean-Charles Pelletier, is a Montreal-based DJ and Producer. He has played most of the Trance Unity raves, so we are not surprised to see him back again. You can listen to his 2023 set here on his SoundCloud.

Dimin is another Montreal-based DJ. At this event he should be sticking to trance, but he does mix a variety of trance, techno and house on his SoundCloud.

SVEINBJØRN aka Patrice Tessier is DJ and producer based in Montreal. His SoundCloud is filled with “A Journey into Trance Music” sets, so he seems like a perfect fit to take you on a trip through classics.

Watch the preview video for Trance Unity Rave 2024:

Phase one is always a hot seller (because the ticket price only increases from there) and in no time at all, Trance Unity was sold out again this year at the price of $100 CAD. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who is a veteran attendee of Trance Unity. At the time of writing this, Trance Unity 2024 tickets are selling in phase two, at $112 CAD. We suggest you grab yours immediately if we have enticed you. When the tickets move to phase three, the cost will be $125 CAD. Don’t forget to add the $38 VIP feature to your ticket purchase if you want priority entry, free coat check, VIP standing room, and a free fruit snack.

Even more exciting is the addition of a pre-event that will be held at the same venue on December 16th, 2023 from 9PM to 6AM EST. Introducing The Road to Trance Unity 2024! Join us on the trancefloor where we will enjoy sets from the legends Giuseppe Ottaviani, John O’Callaghan, Craig Connelly, Sean Tyas, and Eddie Bitar, with support from Monkey BuzinezZ’s own Chris Element and Karl K-Otic. Monkey BuzinezZ can almost guarantee to make Trance Unity 2024 your ultimate Canadian trance experience!

If these two events don’t get your blood pumping, then we highly doubt your passion for trance music. If our TRANCEported team is telling you to go to these parties by Monkey Buzinezz, we mean it! Our motto is to get you TRANCEported, and we will.

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