REVIEW: Joe Garston – Average Joe EP by Sean Meiliunas


Joe Cain rises once again with a last minute EP released under Houserecordings label. This EP is entitled Average Joe, and very little about it is average. His sounds are above polished and professional. I’d say he’s Above Average Joe. The EP consists of 4 tracks, new and old.

1. Average Joe – 4:43 – 128 BPM
2. Domino – 4:41 – 128 BPM
3. Flubber – 4:45 – 125 BPM
4. Dead Ops – 5:40 – 128 BPM

For this review I will be reviewing 2 tracks. Let’s start with Average Joe, yeah?

The track starts off with a heavy electro drum loop which makes it easy for DJ’s to mix the track. After 8 bars of kick and snare goodness, we get to say hello to a melody, which no surprise from Joe, is prettier then ever and can’t stop you from smiling. With plucky arps, progressive synths, and rumbling sub bass, Joe Garston kicks in the full melody to start teasing you for the massive electro drop that we’ve been anticipating. With a short break in drums and a reverberated guitar synth lead to bring us that much closer, the drop hits the floor at 1:32 into the song. If you’re into filthy basslines, ‘yaya’ dubstep synths and pitch bending leads, I have no doubt in my mind you love this track.

Following tradition, Domino kicks off with a great, yet simple drum loop, accompanied by a luscious downsweep to really set the “big room” feel. In my opinion, this track was influenced by Deadmau5 due to its progressive synth chord repetition. Nonetheless, we can expect to hear another cheerful melody that brightens the dance floor. After the first break in the beat, we are introduced to a full chord progression with the frequency rising slowly, to create a minor buildup which hits a beat after a few bars. It almost gives the track a sexy feel. I anticipate the girls of the club to start bouncing to this aphrodisiac of a song. When you thought we heard the main part of the song, we get slapped in the face with a great build up to a great elecro/dubstep drop that you don’t want to miss. It’s every bit worth waiting for. As soon as you hear the new beat, you know your in store was something wobbly and dirty. Alongside the dubstep drop, we are still holding hands with the pretty melody that we know and love from the beginning of the track.

All in all, this EP is worth every penny of the $10 it costs to purchase off Beatport.
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