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Not much is known about the brit Joe Cain (aka. Joe Garston). There is no doubt in my mind that Joe will be bringing big things to the table of electronic dance music. At only 20 years old, Joe has already hit Beatport’s Top 10 chart with several tracks, and reaching No. 1 in the Beatport Electro House Chart consistently.

Hailing from Liverpool, UK, Joe Garston’s latest release Flubber leaves no room for disappointment. With a happy sense of house, and a melodic drive for electro, Joe delivers yet another cheerful track released under Selected’s iSelected Volume 2. The track is promising right from the get go, with a drum top for convenient mixing and a simple melody tease that leaves you anxious to hear the drop. Flubber drives itself with 128 beats per minute and luscious analog synth goodness. Tasty. As the song builds up, you begin to hear the melody that Joe is going for. Using progressive elements, more sounds and progressions are added to the beat, building up to a euphoric breakdown where more melodies are introduced, creating more excitement. What you thought was going to be the drop, wasn’t. There’s more.

Joe builds up a second time to a heavy dance beat which lifts you up and dips you waist deep in amazement. It’s a melody that leaves you in the middle of the dance floor, hands up, eyes closed with a smile from ear to ear; which is to be expected from a Joe Garston track. If you’ve heard anything by Joe Garston before, you will recognize a synth or two that Joe uses, as his ‘signature synths’. During the 1st drop, you are accompanied by the familiar melody but are then introduced to a harmonizing lead to bring your mood that much higher, dancing the night away. The song brings itself back down to a calmer mood, which is a great time to mix into the next song, or just to ease the crowd a bit in preparation for the next drop.

In each section of the song, there is a new sound to be heard so the song never gets boring, or old. Dreamy soundscapes for the more relaxed areas of the song, and powerful, harmonizing melodies for the dance parts of the song. If you close your eyes and listen to this track, you can’t help but imagine yourself flying. Or in terms of club vibes, clapping to a vibrant light show, driven by a satisfied, happy crowd.

If electro house is your thing, Joe Garston’s new track Flubber is a fresh new listen. It’s got the elements and sound of electro, but with it, accompanies a bright melody. It’s truly refreshing.

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