REVIEW: Dubstep Toronto presents: Calvertron 09-22-2012 by Alix Nikulka


I was greeted by a tall staircase upon arrival at Resonate at The Annex Wreckroom. I was stamped quickly in anticipation of the muffled bass I heard booming from upstairs. That is one of my favourite sounds, the transition of dull music from the outside to the ear filling rich sound of bass when you enter the venue. The set up of the venue was very unique in comparison to other electronic events; it was a refreshing change. The pool tables, booths and tables created a chill vibe. What was even more unique was the presence of Yonge Street Tattoos. They gave out tattoos and piercings as prizes, and even did some of the piercings at the show for everyone to see!

When I arrived, Warrior Music was already playing. His lively stage presence got the small crowd going. The initial party goers were clearly the dedicated dubstep lovers. They don’t need a crazy, packed party to fully enjoy their bass. All they need is the DJ and their dance moves. These passionate ravers never fail to get me into the raging mood and dancing like no one is watching. Warrior Music knew his audience, and played fast-paced dubstep for the party people below. He even dropped some of his original tracks such as World War Z and his remix of Atomic by She. The crowd loved his beats just as much as the rest of his set. Warrior Music was a treat to watch as his curly long hair bounced up and down with him to the beat.

As Brent Michael Azer, founder of Dubstep Toronto, introduced Calvertron (Alex Calver, UK), the crowd had thickened, but remained a comfortable size to move their feet freely. Calvertron’s stage presence was different from Warrior Music’s. It was more powerful and frankly, bad-ass. As I had suspected, the secret special guest was Melleefresh (Melleny Melody, Toronto). She performed her and Calvertron’s collaboration 8Bit Dreamz and continued to party with him on stage for the rest of his set. Personally, I was a huge fan of Calvertron’s set list at this event. It was energetic and heavy at the same time. Hearing him play songs from his Destruction EP was unreal. He also mixed in tunes from some of the heaviest artists on the dubstep scene, such as the Xilent remix of Sleepless by Excision, Like a Boss by Eptic, the Space Laces remix of X-Rated by Excision, Killer by SkIsM, and my personal favourite, Headbanga by Excision. Judging by that small portion of the track list, Calvertron’s set was not for the weak of heart; it was for the true dubstep fans, and they were loving it. However, he also dropped slightly more melodic dubstep songs as well, such as the Kill the Noise remix of Must Be The Feeling by Nero, Falling Down by Dillon Francis, and the extremely popular Bonfire by Knife Party. There was something for everyone, and I really admired that about his performance. The vast array of people in the crowd had me smiling and dancing. It felt amazing to move with such a diverse crowd who all came together for the same reason: to feed their appetite for bass.

Everyone was still pumped up when Calvertron’s set was over. It was Dr. Ozi’s moment in the spotlight, and the crowd was already warmed up for them. One of the couples in the front even began to ballroom dancing to their first song. This event was packed with people just being themselves, which made it that much more entertaining to attend. The young DJ duo put on a spirited performance. Their grins lit up the stage as they jumped around and mixed a dynamic list of tracks together. Dr. Ozi had everyone moving with tracks such as Make It Bun Dem by Skrillex, Stick Up by Eptic, Skrillex’s Goin’ Hard remix of Goin In’ by Birdy Nam Nam, and Must Destroy by Figure. They dropped a few of their own songs, such as their remix of We Are Your Friends by Justice vs Simian, and they were received with great enthusiasm.

Resonate by Dubstep Toronto was a huge success. All the DJs looked like they were having a blast, and in turn, so did the party goers. I would definitely return to The Annex Wreckroom for a show in the future, and I would not hesitate to hear Calvertron spin again. His performance was full of life, and got everyone in the venue excited.

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