EVENT REVIEW: Guvernment 16th Anniversary – Adventure Club in Chroma 07-10-12 by Leanne Feeney


Every long weekend The Guvernment opens its doors to club-wide events hosting only the best of EDM talent. This Thanksgiving weekend brought the perfect mix of headlining artists, each from different genres for the various musical tastes of Guv-goers in celebration of The Guvernment’s 16th Anniversary.
With Above & Beyond headlining in the main room and Wolfgang Gartner ripping up the decks in Kool Haus (kicking off his “Love and War” bus tour) the ever popular Montreal Canadian dubstep duo, Adventure Club were set to hit up Chroma.

With a massive line up like this one, the line to get into the Guvernment Complex was just as big. After waiting for almost an hour I passed through crowds of ravers in Kool Haus to enter Chroma, where the Sour DJs were taking over the room. The Niagara locals, Matt Jones and Patrick Doody, are quickly being recognized worldwide for their tracks and remixes, including their latest Your Mum, which is quickly rising in popularity on the Beatport charts. Time flashed by as the Sour DJs played hit after hit, the room quickly filled up the energy rising as we danced away, still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Christian & Leighton to hit the stage.

And then the moment hit. As soon as the Adventure Club duo appeared everyone stopped their conversations, drink ordering, and crazy dancing, and the attention focused on stage. As the familiar sounds filtered through the room, almost all at once everyone jumped and started head banging. The energy quickly changed, every single person had a huge smile on their face, and in that moment, nothing else mattered but the music. It wasn’t long before they were climbing on the decks with hands in the air as I’ve seen them do every time I’ve seen them live. This was my third time seeing the duo live after seeing them April in Whistler, BC and August at WEMF (the World Electronic Music Festival) in Algonquin.

I saw many familiar faces, and to no surprise as their set at WEMF was one of the best dubstep performances I had seen in a long time. Adventure Club remixes music from all arrays of genres from their newest release with Alexisonfire, To a Friend (Adventure Club Remix) to James Vincent McMorrow We don’t Eat (Adventure Club Remix). Adventure Club are one of the only dubstep DJs that can quickly bring the crowed jumping and moshing to Noteric & Wax Mortif Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix) to swaying and singing along to their own remix of Wait and back again.

There wasn’t a moment during the set that Chroma wasn’t packed full of people jumping around and singing to almost every song. They dropped songs such as Adam F When the rain is gone (Delta Heavy Remix) and even mixed their song Youth with a very fitting Seven Lions Remix of You Got to Go by Above and Beyond. The Montreal duo, just beginning a new tour, are sure to gain tons of fans playing sets like the one at WEMF and at Guvernment this past weekend.

At 3am The Sour DJ’s took back over Chroma for the closing set of the night, and although the crowd slowly faded away some going to see what Wolfgang Gartner had to offer, some to main to see Above & Beyond, the duo still gave the same amount of energy and enthusiasm in their set as their opening, I’m sure we will see some great things from these two Canadians in the coming months.

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