Making Waves in the Toronto Scene: An Interview with Joee Cons by Miss Raquel



Looking for a party with an underground vibe outside of the downtown core? Look no further. Joee Cons is the resident behind the weekly Sound of Thursdays party held at T2 Lounge in Vaughan, just north of Toronto. With local talent headliners like Matteo DiMarr, Mario Ochoa, MC Flipside, Manzone & Strong, Deko-Ze, Mark Oliver, Jayforce, Mikey Terra, Iron Mike and more lined up for events, Cons is bringing something special to the suburbs. Our guest contributor, Miss Raquel, chatted with Cons earlier this month about his experience as a DJ/Producer and his take on the EDM scene in Toronto.


Making Waves in the Toronto EDM Scene: An Interview with Joee Cons by Miss Raquel

Joee Cons’ sound is what passion feels like.

This Toronto-based DJ has the power to overwhelm his dancefloor with musical warmth that exudes sensuality. During his sets, I become a puppet to his string which embraces me with such emotion that only I and this musical journey can understand.

If you’ve heard the sounds of Joee Cons, and by this I mean his intricate programming, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s best explained as that feeling, and he knows what I mean considering he always plays Groove Foundation, DJ ChusThat Feeling when I’m in the club.

Under his slipmat are 22 singles, 12 remixes, 17 compilations. Yes, Cons is a busy Toronto DJ who averages four to seven gigs on any given weekend playing resident at such venues as The Guvernment, Footwork, Cobra, Cache and every Thursday at T2. He regularly plays alongside Canada’s hardest working DJs, including the beloved Deko-ze.

Cons’ inspirations include Robert Owens, Strictly Rhythm, and Edward Barton.



1. How did you start to establish yourself as a professional DJ/producer?

It started small then grew from there. Learned to mix, program etc. I DJ-ed the usual functions when you first start out. From there I played more larger events and the rest as they say is history or future, depends on how you look at it.

2. Back in the day you formed an electronic group. Tell us more about this group: where did you play? How many were in the group? Were you DJing in the group or conducting another part?

It was during my first initial steps into music, before I began to DJ. My childhood friend and I were into a lot of music from the 80s and 90s such as Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Platinum Blonde, early House, and a lot of electronic sounding and synth based music. We recorded some demos and got signed to a Miami based label, which closed soon after. That eventually led me to the turntables.

3. After the turntables quickly became your choice instrument you began DJing at events and nightclubs. This is the time you started your Raw Energy Experience Radio Show. Where was it based and on what station?

It was based in Toronto on CHRY 105.5FM Fridays from 2am-7am. We played House and Techno and had guests such as Robert Owens a couple of years after I’ll Be Your Friend became a classic. I remember how honoured I was to have a legend like him in the studio, I still am.

4. Many don’t know that your production Get Funkee was signed to Strictly Rhythm’s Groovilicious label. How did this change your career path?

I was surprised at the success of it and I had offers for an album. It was a bit too fast and really my main objective at the time was to DJ, which ultimately brought me to where I am today.

5. Who wrote Fine Day? Because to this day its one of my favourite tracks of yours.

It was originally written by English poet and musician Edward Barton. It’s one of my all times favourites as well, and thought that it would be an excellent rendition. We re-did the track but kept the original words with vocalist Jaclyn.

6. Now that you have been supported by both of our favourite producers Chus & Ceballos with Down the Drain what is your musical goal as we enter 2013?

It was an honour to have their support on the track and it was big turning point. My musical goal is to continue releasing quality productions and to continue growing as DJ and producer. During my sets I want to create a music-based atmosphere that enables you to have the time of your life. I also want to continue working on my labels and events while working with, inspiring and getting inspired with like-minded individuals.

7. What kind of sound would you say the floor is feeling these days?

I can name genres but I’m not sure it would explain my particular sound. I like to keep my sound new and cutting edge consisting of House, Tech-House, Techno and more. I’m really digging some of the deeper stuff as well. In general, depending on where you’re at, I’ve noticed all the genres of dance music grow, particularly Deep House, Indie Dance/Nu Disco and Deep Techno.

8. What do you feel has been your greatest achievement in the EDM scene thus far?

It is hard to pick just one. It’s constantly evolving. To continue DJing, producing and spreading the sound, is probably the greatest achievement of them all.

9. If you could produce an event of your choice who would it have on the bill, and where would it be?

There are many great DJs to choose, but it would definitely have Carl Cox and Danny Tenaglia on the bill. It would take place somewhere nice and hot.

10. What is one key element you feel the EDM scene cannot live without?

I think there are three equal elements it cannot live without: The People, the Producer & the DJ.

11. What are your most memorable places you have played?

There have been so many over the years, the ones that come to mind, main room at The Guvernment in Toronto, the BPM Festival in Mexico, Fly, Comfort Zone, Footwork in Toronto and more recently T2 in Vaughan.

LISTEN: Joee Cons – Live From Comfort Zone (Toronto, Canada) 10.28.12


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