TRACK: A review Andrew Bennett’s “Roadtrip” by Sean Meiliunas


German house producer Andrew Bennett returns to the floor with his progressive single, Roadtrip released under Diffused Music available now on Beatport and soon to be worldwide on iTunes. Deep in the corridors of Bennett’s home studio near Hamburg, Germany, Andrew could have been found slaving away at what will soon be a instant hit in the EDM world. Roadtrip is the follow up track to his hit Cocoon which can be found supported by world famous DJ’s such as Tiesto,Armin Van Buuren, and more.

The track starts out with an unexpected drum beat. Most tracks would greet us with a simple drum top that progresses into a thicker beat, but Bennett chose a different intro. Still starting with a beat, Bennett gives us a slightly disco feel to his kick, snare goodness. Just when you think Footloose is going to burst out into lyrical euphoria, we are crashed with a favored progressive pluck synth used in just about every progressive house track. This is not to be taken as a bad thing necessarily. This signature synth is essential in house music nowadays. Accompanied by slamming tom fills, Bennett starts his buildup with a gated Hoover sound building in pitch. With the pitch rising, frequencies begin to rise with the progressive pluck synth, indicating were going to be hit with a drop very soon.

From here on out, the track gets bigger and bigger and more progressive. The synth melody carries us into an arpeggiated square wave pluck that’s portamento rises as the beat moves forward. The synth is one lazy bastard. Having this effect gave me the suspense of a dirty drop soon to come. And was I right. After a short buildup, the tracks drops to a gritty bassline sure to lift everyone’s feet off the ground. After embracing the drop, Bennett takes it back to the progressive melody that we’ve been introduced to at the beginning. Any EDM fan knows that this would not be the end of the song. After a short break from heaviness, Bennett kicks in the buildup again and slams the bass back down for my dance goodness.

Andrew Bennett’s Roadtrip is the track you’re looking for if you want something new but don’t want to venture to far from the norm of house music. With its generic elements, yet fresh sound, this track will surely spice up your playlist and have you pressing repeat over and over.

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