REVIEW: Dubstep Toronto presents Le Castle Vania at The Great Hall 08-12-12 by Alix Nikulka


 It is always exhilarating to go to a bass event at a new venue. I was very interested to experience Dubstep Toronto’s Resonate at The Great Hall. It’s layout and style are much different than most venues, but I was pleasantly surprised by the new dynamic. I entered the main room to find a dance floor completely empty, with all of the attendees scattered along the sides of the room, dancing amongst themselves. Many might find this sight to be unappealing, but I saw it as a blank canvas. The dance floor was mine to take over and dance as hard as I wanted.

Dr. Ozi was spinning on stage when I arrived. They really got the good vibes moving throughout the room. When those guys bounce and smile as they perform, it’s impossible to resist dancing along with them. I shuffled onto the dance floor as they spun Baauer’s remix of Coke in My Nose by Mary Magdalan, closely followed by a remix of Krewella’s Alive by Pegboard Nerds. A small number of us dominated the spacious dance floor as Dr. Ozi played a series of upbeat drum & bass tracks, which kept everyone moving non-stop. After dropping Skrillex’s remix of Goin’ In by Birdy Nam Nam, I could see the party goers at the sides of the room inching towards the center of the room. As soon as the DJ duo played a couple hard electro tracks, the crowd at the sides of the room spilled into the space in front of the stage. Nearing the end of their energetic set, Dr. Ozi dropped a trap remix of Darude’s Sandstorm. The crowd went crazy for a modern interpretation of classic EDM track.

Photo Credit: Dubstep Toronto

Le Castle Vania took over the decks, and introduced his set with an epic build up to a sequence of hard electro tracks that had the ravers across the room dancing hard. The majority of the people there wanted nothing more than to dance all night to hard-hitting electro tracks, and that is what Le Castle Vania delivered. He even dropped an electro remix of Sandstorm which wittily complimented the end of Dr. Ozi’s set. I was pleased to hear him incorporate some of his own tracks into his set such as his remix of Is You by DIM. It was a pleasure the watch this DJ perform, as you can tell by his actions that he is a fun guy. While playing a remix of Around the World by Daft Punk, he lowered his headphones on top of his eyes to imitate Daft Punk, which I found very amusing. Immediately after, he dropped the original mix of Internet Friends by Knife Party. Recently, I’ve heard many remixes of this song, but no one has played the original track in a very long time. It was refreshing to dance to it once again. Throughout his set, he also mixed in Knife Party’s Tourniquet and Bonfire. Le Castle Vania kept the lively electro blasting from the speakers, and the audience was eating it up. After dropping a couple more of his own songs, such as Awake and his remix of Turn It Down by Kaskade, he played one of my all-time favourite Nero tracks, Doomsday. With it’s epic progression and powerful drop, the dance didn’t know what hit it. When Le Castle Vania’s set came to an end, a number of party goers trickled out of the venue, but the dedicated ravers stayed for the next act.

Photo Credit: Dubstep Toronto

Hydee confidently took the stage and changed the electro feel into dubstep vibes, which I felt was a great way to end the night. Hydee instantly had the remainder of the crowd going hard and jamming to Shake That by Jantsen & AFK. I’ve seen Hydee spin many times, and he never fails to keep his fans dancing. Near the end of his set, he dropped Dirty by Dirtyphonics. He kept feeding the crowd huge dubstep tracks, and we just kept wanting more. Unfortunately, every good show must come to an end, and he closed his set with his and Stickbubbly’s remix of Bad Boys by Inner Circle. It’s not often I wait until the lights come on and the music turns off to leave a venue, but this edition of Resonate was worth staying for.

Alix Nikulka – EDM TOR


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