REVIEW: Factory Fridays with Nervo @ Uniun Nightclub 11-01-13 by Eric Marrone


Another Friday has passed, which means there was another edition of Factory Fridays at Uniun Nightclub. This time it was the Aussie edition featuring Australian twin sister duo, Nervo. They are known for their chart topping singles such as You’re Going to Love Again, Reason, and their collaboration with Nicky Romero Like Home. Opening for them was the 18-year-old progressive house newcomer, Walden, also from Australia and known for such tracks as Ciaco and Brightness.

I arrived at 11pm, and there was already a lineup. Luckily it moved fast and I walked inside about 10 minutes later. Resident DJ Fab Strong of Manzone & Strong was on the decks, warming things up with some tech house. The club started to fill up and at about 11:45pm, and out came the bangers. A little too early in my opinion since it wasn’t even midnight yet, but it got the crowd going and a song from one of my favourite artists was played. This was Pandor by Tony Romera.  Around this time, I noticed something new about Uniun.  A new laser system was installed since the last time I had been there! Two lasers were added just above the main stage, which are capable of multiple colours. If you have been to the Guvernment main room and have seen the laser in there, these easily top that.  Before I knew it, 12am struck and it was time for Walden.

Walden came on and stuck mostly with progressive house music. No surprise there since that is what he produces. The club was now full and the crowd was energetic and ready to dance. Around fifteen minutes into his set he played Unity (Matisse & Sadko Remix) by Showdown. The lasers continued to put on a show, and combined with the LED icicle lights hanging from the ceiling, it was an incredible sight to see. The only downside was it started to get very hot inside. For those of you that haven’t been to Uniun, it is pretty narrow so it can get crammed very easily. I found myself having to move farther back in the crowd at times just to get some more room to cool down. His set continued on with Rift by Dirty South and Michael Brun, and some more tracks I could not ID. Eventually he played Ciaco which sounded amazing live and had everyone dancing up a storm.

Nervo then took the stage at 1am. They didn’t waste any time and dove right into bangers and the mashups. Alice Deejay’s Better off Alone which was followed by another of my favourite tracks, Hells Bells by Albin Myers. This track is an absolute banger. I go nuts every time I hear it. This brought back memories of VELD for me when I first heard Avicii play Hells Bells vs My Feelings For You. Fifteen minutes into their set, they already had the crowd going and didn’t show any signs of slowing down. The atmosphere was electric. Now, Firebeatz’s Dear New York was played followed by Hardwell’s Spaceman.  What I thought was going to be the original version of Spaceman, was actually a trap remix (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)!  I was not expecting trap to be played but it fit nicely into the set. The crowd loved every second of it.

More bangers followed this including Nicky Romero’s Toulouse and Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash’s Reload. Then they got into their own tracks including Reason and Like Home. At this point one of the twins stood up on the stage and started pouring vodka into everyone’s mouths that were at the very front. This had people going crazy. Another amazing mashup was played which was Eric Prydz vs Dada LifeEvery Bass Don’t Cry (Mÿon & Shane 54 Mashup). A few more tracks were played and their set ended just shortly after 3am. Fab Strong came back on to bring the night to a close.






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