TRACKS: Dada Life- So Young, So High (Dillon Francis Remix) by Paul Tomesc


Dillon Francis, arguably one of the most unique of the fresh faces in the North American EDM scene, started off the New Year with the release of his remix of Dada Life’s So Young, So High. The 24 year old producer and DJ has been known to utilize a varying array of musical influences into his work, and this song only further confirms this.

The song itself starts off with a dubstep influenced percussive elements and rhythm. Dillon does not waste time and brings in the popish vocal melody over the top of his signature overly melodic and cheerful synths. This blend of “party-time” female vocal chops and joyful instrumentals is cohesive and builds up the anticipation for the listener. The build-up to the drop is characterized by a high pitched, chopped up version of the vocals found in the intro alongside an almost “army” style snare build-up which successfully intensifies the tension necessary for the drop to hit hard both at home and in the club. The drop itself consists of a simple melody; a razor saw bassline alongside a melodic stuttering synth which gives the song the required “danceability” for fans to rage to. This aggressive yet groovy drop ensures that listeners will enjoy the song even if they aren’t high or young, but those who are will enjoy this track even more.

The new emerging “Trap” influence on EDM music has also left an imprint on Dillon’s production techniques, as occasional rhythmic shouts in the style of Gucci Mane and Lil’ Jon emerge sporadically throughout the song. The remix packs in enough energy for crowds across the globe to dance to and will immediately excite listeners regardless of their favorite EDM subgenres. This track fully captures Dillon Francis’ original style and his ability to create something different than what sometimes seems to be saturated and “cookie-cutter” Electro-House. It’s safe to say that after listening to Dillon Francis’ first release of 2013, we can be excited for the future tunes he has in store for us in this new and electrifying EDM year.

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