ALBUMS: Marco Bailey releases new artist album “High Volume”


The Belgian grandmaster of world class techno Marco Bailey announces the 100th release on his label MB  ELEKTRONICS with his new artist album HIGH VOLUME.

Bailey, mostly known for his prolific output of top notch techno and tech house releases loves the concept of albums for its experimental value. On his albums, Bailey explores his creative identity and treats the listener with tracks ranging from the purest of techno, to other deeper sounds that go past his trademark sound.

 “Of course, the main theme of the album is techno. It’s the sound I’m known for and the sound I love to play around the world because of its relentless energy. Yet, my love for music goes way beyond techno and I love to show that on my albums. I’m a big fan of guys like Boards Of Canada who influenced me to make Grolzham, the opening track of High Volume. I also like Tech House and pumping/energetic quality House. That’s why the album contains one Tech House tune by the name of Funk That Groove. I recorded High Volume over a period of 6 -7 months. Not every day because of my touring it’s not always possible to do so. But I do use my laptop on the road to capture ideas. Then, when I’m back in the studio I finalize all these ideas into complete tracks. I wanted my album to build like a DJ set. Deep and a bit slower at the start.. Then in the middle peak time material such as The Falcon & The Fox and ending in beauty with the emotional piano track She Leaves.” – Marco Bailey

Marco Bailey wanted to celebrate the 100th release of MB ELEKTRONICS in style after the release of his highly acclaimed Dragon Man album on John Digweed‘s famed Bedrock label. Dragon Man charted top 10 on Beatport Techno and received support from the global techno elite, including Carl Cox, The Advent, Dave Clarke, Umek, Adam Beyer and Sharam.

Marco Bailey’s music characterizes itself by its deep moody flow, rock solid grooves and edgy finish. High Volume listens as a soundtrack to a tense psychological thriller. Taking time for an appropriate build-up, moving to unforgiving climaxes and ending peacefully. Some of the highlights of the album include The Falcon which takes a minimal but driving approach. A boiling monotone bass line is the back bone for this otherwise trippy cut.  The techno groove of Cash pulls you in with its hypnotizing lead sound. Surely a favorite to be at the techno festivals. The haunting sounds of The Black Crow slowly grab the listener like the darkest scene in a Hitchcock masterpiece, but never fails to lose track of the dancefloor.




02.The Black Crow

03.The Falcon

04.The Fox

05.The Owl

06.The Snake


08.Funk That Groove

09.Summer Madness

10.Horny Tiger

11.The Airport Lounge

12.She Leaves

Bonus Digital Track:

13. Sunday Depress


CD Release: 1 CD – 12 Tracks

Digital Release: 12 Tracks + 1 Bonus Track

Vinyl Release: 2 x 12” Vinyl (8 Tracks)

To hear more music, catch Marco Bailey’s ELEKTRONIC FORCE PODCAST @



18 Jan: Album Release @ Bunker Glabbeek Belgium

19 Jan: Winterbeats Saturn Arena, Ingolstadt, Germany

24 Jan: Miami, United States tbc

25 Jan: Martini Republic, Tampa, United States

26 Jan: Ivory Sarasota, United States

02 Feb: Colombia

10 Feb: Ahava Festival, Mexico City, Mexico

12 Feb: Cielo, New York, United States

16 Feb: Afternoon BE@TV Livestream Album Launch Party, London, UK

16 Feb: The Egg, London, United Kingdom

02 Mar: I Club, Schwetzingen, Germany

09 Mar: Groove, Madrid, Spain

16 Mar: St. Petersburg, Russia

27 April: Replay Festival, Belgium

27 April: Mayday, Dortmund, Germany tbc

4 May: UG Bulach, Zurich, Switzerland

18 May: Borderline, Basel Switzerland

19 May: Freiburg Germany







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