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Although you may not have heard the name before, Nima Yamini is no newcomer to the electronic music scene. Nima learned to play percussions during his high school days in Washington, DC and worked a music internship in Los Angeles before making his way to New York – where he is based today. It is here that Nima has established himself as the man behind some of New York’s best parties including ‘Ave A Soundcheck’, a Monday night series that is well-known as an A-list industry event.  In addition to being a skilled event curator, Nima also DJs and, more recently, produces.


You’ve been in the industry for a long time but are somewhat of a new name to those of us here in Toronto. What got you into music and motivated you to pursue it as a career?

First off, I love Toronto. My old man moved there around 2008.  What got me into music was essentially passion; it’s something I have wanted to do since I was a teenager. Now the decision to go full-time into music was simply I don’t know what else I could do to surpass my love for music. I believe I will be involved with music in some capacity for the rest of my time here on earth.

You’re an A-list party planner, a DJ, and, now, a producer. I’m sure we’re all dying to know – how do you manage/prioritize your time? 

I pretty much have no social life and it’s impossible to have a successful relationship with a woman when working long hours as I do.  It’s a labor of passion.

What is the process you go through when curating talent for Ave A Soundcheck? Is there any vibe or genre that you tend to lean towards?

We started out favoring indie rock artists/ alternative, however felt that many artists within sub genres of electronic or hip-hop also could use our platform to grow their fan base. We focus on emerging artists we feel have the talent and commitment to possibly become very successful musicians. The selective process is selective. No doubt about it, I personally spend a tremendous amount of my time listening to new music from submissions, etc.

Your first release, “Shiraz Riots”, is a trap collaboration with fellow New Yorker Austin Millz. How did you two come together and what was working with Austin like?

Austin is a talented kid who has been getting recognition lately for his art. I wanted to do a mixture of Middle Eastern live instruments, hip-hop, heavy influenced trap and electronic. My base is electronic but I will always love instruments being I am trained in the percussions.

Who are your biggest influences for your own original productions? What would you describe to be your signature sound?

My sound is a bit weird but I figure I’ll just make music that really expresses myself. If not, then what’s the purpose? I don’t like the idea of jumping on trends too much, rather just be myself and use it as an empty canvas to express myself with sound. If people like it then great, if not that’s ok to. It’s there for everyone to absorb but it’s not for everyone.

What do you have planned for the upcoming year? Any major collaborations?

Looking at several dates in Europe late spring, which is what I’m most excited about at the moment.

Your parties are actually so good that you often get asked to produce parties all over the world. Any chance we might be able to get some of the Nima Yamini magic in Toronto some time soon? 

I’m actually on a flight right now headed back to New York from New Orleans, where I hosted and DJ’d a couple of parties during Super Bowl weekend. I would love to come to Toronto, again my father lives there so to me it’s becoming a home and the women there are beautiful.


To find out more about Nima Yamini, you can head to his website HERE.  Nima has also just put together a unique trap mix for New York Fashion Week which was picked up and premiered on hip hop mogul, Jay-Z‘s, Life+Times website.

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