NEWS: Miss Kittin Unveils Music Video for “Bassline”


Miss Kittin has just released the music video for Bassline the second single from her forthcoming album ‘Calling From The Stars‘ (April wSphere).

The music video was directed by Andrew Woodhead, who has previously worked with Justice, Break Bot, French Fries, Aeroplane and more.

Boasting a career that spans three decades and long-term collaborations with The Hacker and Felix da Housecat, Miss Kittin’s sound is as brilliantly unpredictable as ever. New single Bassline, available now and as an EP on March 25th, 2013, marries vocal melodies with pop sensibilities of the highest form and demonstrates exactly why the sound of Miss Kittin remains as relevant and fresh as ever. Described by Nowness as “A black Ballardian dancefloor illuminated by a setting sun provides the science-fiction backdrop to Parisian dance music heroine Miss Kittin’s new video for Bassline.

Bassline also signals the directorial debut from Andrew Woodhead, who described the video as follows:

“The video for Bassline symbolises the steps of a club dance floor, how they start off lonely then change over the course of an evening into a frenzy of dance. With inspiration drawn from movies such as Knight Rider, Total Recall and old Pepsi commercials, a bright punchy universe was created to dance upon.”







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