TRACKS: John 00 Fleming releases first single “WKO” from new album


Label boss John 00 Fleming returns with WKO, the supporting single from his anticipated artist album, One Hundred Ten WKO. John is well known for his more serious take on the trance world and WKO showcases his dark pounding beats complimented with rich pads and driving leads. JOOF Recording‘s main man, Cosmithex, steps up for remix duties adding his trademark rolling baselines and sequenced driving melodies. Both tracks are out now on Beatport.

With One Hundred Ten WKO, John 00 Fleming has delivered an album that plots a course back through the history of trance music, whilst simultaneously hurtling headfirst into the future. Strap down and prepare for launch: this one goes right out there and back. One Hundred Ten WKO will be released on March 4.


1. The centre of the Universe

2. 5000 Light Years from Earth

3. Star Gazing

4. Tears From Heaven

5. The Stroke of the Midnight Hour

6. WR 22

7. 340 Million Pixels

8. Clouds of Karma

9. WKO

10. Pillars of Creation

11. Colliding Galaxies (John 00 Fleming vs. Lyctum)

12. Time Lapse NGC 2264


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