TRACKS: Miss Kittin releases “Bassline”


Following on from the ‘Life Is My Teacher’ EP last December, the thought-provoking first lady of techno Miss Kittin releases Bassline, a brand new single out now on wSphere digitally today, including another track Come Into My House on the b-side. Bassline will also be released as a four-track EP on April 8th. Both songs offer up a further glimpse of Kittin’s third album, the self-produced double-CD ‘Calling From The Stars’, to be released in the UK and Europe through Parisian label wSphere Records April 22nd.

A mid tempo electro-techno pop song with simple yet evocative lyrics, Bassline utilises complex vocal effects to truly intoxicating effect. Wanting to focus on the vocals this time around, Caroline Hervé aka Miss Kittin says:

“Even though I always tried to write smart lyrics, it’s good sometimes to stay simple. You might call this a pop song with dumb lyrics, but it allows me to focus on complex vocal effects to make it strong, rather than counting on the words”.

Download ‘Life Is My Teacher’

Bassline also comes with a – in Kittin’s words – “modern, and classy” remix from French EDM producer Djedjotronic, who has quickly risen to dance floor notoriety since his first EP ‘Turn Off’, right through to his Beatport Number 1 analogue bomb, Uranus.

Like on ‘Life Is My Teacher’ EP, Bassline comprises of four tracks including one exclusive cut MOTOWN plus I Don’t Know How To Move, taken from disc two of ‘Calling From The Stars’. Describing the writing process of the latter, Miss Kittin recalls it as ” A very long track written in the south of France, on the top of a tower over the Rhone Valley, as the sunset while raining. It was such a powerful moment, I could only stare. I didn’t want to move, everything was suspended.”

Both tracks offer that sound that was quite unexpected from Miss Kittin; slow ambient instrumentals that recall the ’90s heyday of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) as defined by Warp Records seminal Artificial Intelligence series.

Overall disc 1 of forthcoming album ‘Calling From The Stars’ offers up all of the elements that have made Miss Kittin one of the most popular names in electronic music: simple yet evocative lyrics set to an undeniable electro-flavored techno beat. It also showcases a new side of the notoriously enigmatic Kittin, that of an artist unafraid to reveal her inner emotions and beliefs. Disc 2 is a more ambient take, witnessing Kittin’s minimal techno credentials take flight over the ten instrumental tracks.

wSphere is a Wagram group (Nº1 French indie) new international label. Based in Paris, but with a global view, they aim to introduce exciting music to the World. Leftfield music for the masses.


Cd 1
01. Flash forward
02. Come Into My House
03. Bassline
04. Calling From The Stars
05. Life Is My Teacher
06. Maneki Neko
07. What To Wear
08. Night Of Light
09. Tears Like Kisses
10. Eleven
11. Blue Grass
12. See You
13. Everybody Hurts

Cd 2
01. Only You
02. Cosmic Love Radiation
03. Tamarin Bay
04. Sunset Mission
05. Mind Stretching
06. Ballad Of The 23rd Century
07. What You See
08. Sortie Des Artistes
09. Silver Lake
10. I Don’t Know How To Move


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