ALBUMS: Culprit to release 33rd EP with Adeline’s “What You Got” March 30


Culprit makes a fourth stop on its European talent-scouting trip, inviting the London-based Swedish producer Adeline to join the label’s global motley crew. As in the previous installments of this “winter” series, “What You Got” EP shines a much-deserved spotlight on another fine young yet accomplished European-based producer, whose strong individual sensibility is melded with Culprit’s own “dancefloor-ready electronic music with depth” credo.

Adeline’s music and personality is also a very welcome injection of feminine energy into Culprit’s (unintentionally) all-male domain. The Swedish-born and raised artist has been making quite an impression recently, both with her production and DJing, especially since relocating to that hub of modern deep dance music, London. Inspired by the environment so rich in talent – much of it a vital part of Culprit’s creative history – Adeline has crafted a style of her own, at once brooding and playful, forceful yet warm.

Adeline’s confident use of her own voice as a major part of her music is a bold but justified choice. Combining it with truly impressive sound design and strong musical ideas, with a touch of the unexpected, adds up to instantly memorably dance music.

The three originals on her Culprit debut speak to all these strengths. What You Got is that appealing combination of sensuously soft vocals and “muscular” rhythm and low end that many a standout track is made of. The most immediate of the songs on the EP, it has had early champions like Jamie Jones and Russ Yallop.

Under The Moon goes deeper and a bit sideways, but successfully so, pitching down her distinct vocal and riding a catchy bassline hook on top of a shuffle beat, the song glides and seduces.

Unravel My Mind is the darker counter-part to the title song.

Adeline’s vocals add on a moody dimension, sitting on top of a more sinister bassline and a crisp beat. With its tension and build, one for the early peak hours.

The remix by New York-based Thugfucker and Greg Paulus of No Regular Play is a real musical treat. Also making their label debut, the trio come up with a deeply melodic take on Under the Moon. Its instrumental sweeps and playful bassline, cleverly arranged and punctuated by some of Paulus’ most accomplished trumpet work add up to something special.


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