NEWS: Shogun returns with two new tracks and an IDMA nomination


Trance DJ Shogun is known for taking his time on his intricate and emotional productions (his track ‘Lotus‘ took three months to finalize). So it’s always a happy day when the world gets to hear a new original from the LA-based producer.  The wait is over with not one but TWO new Shogun tracks just released on Armind.

The first is a fun, housey banger called Drop, which features a delicate piano melody and of course, an epic drop. Shogun steps away from his signature dark and haunting vocal harmonies for a crowd pleaser that will rock crowds from Los Angeles to Taipei.

“Although Drop sounds lighthearted and fun, it’s actually a personal track about the extremes in a relationship, when things are constantly up and down,” says Andrew Chen aka Shogun. “When it’s good, everything is beautiful and when it’s not, it’s dark and heavy. There isnt a middle ground so that’s why Drop goes from really melodic, soft parts to really banging.”

Supernova attacks with a more traditional trance rhythm set at 134bpm. The follow-up to Shogun’s track, UFO, this bombastic tune plays with the famous ‘Dutch’ sound to fire up the dance floor.

While Shogun was busy in the studio, the International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs) were busy nominating the top acts in EDM and selected Shogun for the short list for Best Breakthrough DJ.’ This is Shogun’s second IDMA nomination; in 2012 he was nominated for ‘Best Trance Track’ for ‘Skyfire.’ Voting ends March 1 and the winners will be announced during Winter Music Conference in Miami on March 21.

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