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On the eve of February 28th, our team attended the official Bud Light Sensation Launch Party to get the details of the legendary Sensation’s first landing in Canada. Sensation is an extravagant event that cannot be described in mere words. You must experience the spectacle for yourself, and this summer, you can. EDM TOR is delighted to announce that Bud Light presents Sensation is coming to Toronto’s Rogers Centre on June 1st, 2013. Get ready Toronto, because this event will be unlike anything you’ve partied at before.

This edition of Sensation is themed ‘Ocean of White’ and will be an under-sea wonderland. This party is expecting approximately 30,000 attendees due to the vast popularity of the event. Since its creation, Sensation has exploded all over the globe. Many people are curious about the line-up of the event, but Sensation has made it clear that it is not about the line-up and ‘big names’, but about the experience and the celebration of life.


On March 8th at 10:00AM (EST), tickets to this event will go on sale at and In the past, Sensation events in other cities have sold out within hours. The pricing has yet to be announced, but you want a chance to purchase your ticket before they officially go on sale, you can sign up to be a club member HERE!

The story behind the white:

After one year of being founded, a member of the Sensation group passed away. Since electronic music is about celebrating life together, his funeral was in white. Ever since then, ID&T has asked that everyone wear white to their epic life-celebrating parties.

A taste of Sensation:

Before attending an event this extraordinary, you probably have no idea what to expect. Sensation has released this promotional video for Toronto’s Sensation 2013. You can check out the video here and get a feel of what awaits you in the ‘Ocean of White’.

We sat down with Todd Allen, the Brand Director for Bud Light, and Michael Hekking, the Commercial Director for ID&T, and asked them about some details that we wanted to explore further:

What do you look for in a city when deciding where to bring Sensation? 

Todd: The Rogers Centre is a perfect venue for us to bring it to Canada. Their production is so unique. We really need that indoor 50,000 ft stadium to deliver that amazing experience.

We understand that this event is focused on house music. Are you receiving any push-back from trance fans?

Michael: I don’t know. Let’s see tomorrow. We just released the event, so we have to see the response, but I won’t expect that. I’m not afraid for that. Sensation is not really only about music. It’s much more than that. I think even if you love trance, and you do not like house or tech-house or progressive house, that you will still come to Sensation because you want to experience it.

Why has Bud Light taken an interest in Sensation?

Todd: Well, we’re all about momentum, and we’ve been following the EDM music scene. It’s been growing immensely here in Canada. As we said earlier, we’re really about living life to the fullest, lighting it up, seeking adventure, and there’s really no better expression to do that than Bud Light presents Sensation. We’re really excited about it. Having a great partner like Michael at ID&T, the production and experience they deliver is one of a kind.

What can patrons expect from Sensation?

Todd: They can expect to Light It Up, that’s for sure. I’ll let Michael talk about the experience.

Michael: The ‘Ocean of White’ is our show that was invented in 2008 in Amsterdam. It’s touring around the world, and is now coming to North America. It’s one of our more spectacular shows. It’s about the underwater world. There’s a lot of water. There’s about 8,000 litres of water pumped into the systems. For me personally, it’s one of the most beautiful shows we have financed. It’s a lot of spectacle, so in a stadium with 30,000 people in white, the roof closed, there’s a lot of things happening around you. There’s a lot of eye candy and air candy all the time. There’s not a dull moment.

Will there be any local talent in the line-up?

Michael: No.

Will we see more Bud Light representation around the EDM scene in Toronto?

Todd: Yeah, I think it’s something we want to continue to do. If you look in the past, we just launched Bud Light Platinum. We’ve done events in the past with Calvin Harris, but this is like nothing that we’ve ever done before, partnering with Michael and ID&T. This is really going to be the most unique show that Canada’s ever seen.

Alix Nikulka  EDM TOR


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