REVIEW: Magical Properties Tour at Wrongbar for Bassmentality 27-02-13 by Rachael D’Amore


A highly anticipated edition of Bassmentality shook the floors at Wrongbar last Wednesday with the Magical Properties Tour. Hosted by Embrace and Scion, Magical Properties is an incredible line up of different artists from different elements, including headliner Daedelus and his chosen acts Salva, Ryan Hemsworth and Samo Sound Boy.

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The upbeat sounds of Samo Sound Boy, otherwise known as Sam Griesemer, were already in full swing when I arrived around 10:30pm. Previously under Drop the Lime’s label Trouble & Bass, Samo Sound Boy has recently transferred his progressive music onto his own label, Body High. He eased the earlybirds into the night with groovy sounds and a quick transition into a remix of Katy Perry’s Wide Awake that had everyone’s head nodding to the beat.

Source: Bassmentality

But it wasn’t until fellow Canadian Ryan Hemsworth took the stage at 11:30pm that the dance floor became the place to be. It was clear the crowd had been anticipating his takeover on the turntables and I was right there with them. Sporting a funky ying-and-yang sweatshirt, the Nova Scotia native threw the club into a sweet whirlwind of electronic based hip-hop. He immediately showed us what he was all about with a sample of Drake’s newest single Started From the Bottom. And soon enough had the dance floor bouncing to the trap beat of Baauer’s remix to his track Slurring. At that point, whoever in the crowd wasn’t moving before – was now. I was really impressed by how smoothly he could transition from a guilty pleasure Top 40 rap single, like Amen by Meek Mill, to the off-beat Bollywood sounds in his Benny Lava remix, from his No Plans EP. He had something fresh to serve us around every corner. He may have never given me what I expected but it was always something even better.

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Next up was Salva, who let us all know that Ryan Hemsworth is a “real Canadian man” before he took over. And boy, did he ever take over. He started off his set with an unreleased remix of What a Shame by Jamie Lidell he did with RL Grime. I recently saw the track posted on RL Grime’s website under his “January Top 10” and have been anxiously waiting to hear it. With its heavy hitting bassline he sent the crowd into a fury of rhythmic jumping and he was not about to let us stop. Salva killed it song after song. He dropped his single Drop That B off his newest EP Odd Furniture, a remix of Same Damn Time by Future and West Side Playur by Hydraulix. It’s hard to deny my love for Salva’s ability to fuse filthy dubstep into a variety of rap tracks, all while he works the crowd with his playful headbanging and lipsyncing. At one point he began zombie-walking across the stage to a sample of music from The Phantom of the Opera – you couldn’t help but laugh along with him. And before passing the torch to the last act he dropped his remix with RL Grime of Mercy by Kayne West leaving the crowd roaring for more.

Source: Bassmentality

When the headliner, Daedelus, otherwise known as Alfred Darlington, took the stage I was skeptical of how anyone could follow the set Salva just delivered. But I was quickly proven wrong. Not wasting any time, Daedelus took the night into a mystical place somewhere in between romantic melodies and a ceiling-sweating rave. The crowd tightened up to the stage and moved in unison to each unique sound. Guiding us from the smoothness of his track Looking Ocean off the EP of the same title, to a sample of Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar everything was perfectly executed and transitioned. In his teal blazer and matching tie, sweat pouring from his face, Daedelus had me wanting more with every beat. Sneaking in some Toro Y Moi and even the Masta Blasta Rebirth by Dillion Francis, it was no surprise that by the time 2:00am rolled around the crowd was chanting “one more song.” Even after bashfully bowing in conclusion over and over, he finally gave into the chants, took to the microphone and asked: “Well, do you want it fast or slow?” Before I could even breathe out my own answer, the crowd was screaming “fast.” With one last electronic mix of unique sounds, Daedelus left me finally understanding the meaning behind his stage name: he is a true skilled craftsman of his kind.

Overall, the line-up was a perfect mesh of elements with a variety of styles for any electronic music lover. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the next time any of these artists head back to the GTA.

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