REVIEW: Prok & Fitch at Moskito 15-03-13 by Eric Marrone


It is a good feeling when it’s a Friday night and there are lots of options for how to spend your night. This past Friday was one of those nights. There were many events to choose from in Toronto but I decided to finally check out Moskito where Provoke was hosting house DJ/Producer duo, Prok & Fitch.  Originally from Brighton, England, Ben Prok and James Fitch joined forces after meeting in a record store in 2006. They are known for their pure and undiluted house music which includes such tracks as Symphony, Take You There, You Need Some, Aztec and my personal favourite, their collaborative remix with My Digital Enemy of Alter Ego’s Rocker.

It was around midnight when I headed over to Moskito and made my way right on in as there was no lineup.  Inside I was greeted by a dimly lit room lined with red lights. VIP booths lined one side, while on the other side was the main bar. The sound in the room was very clean and crisp coming from the legendary Dynacord sound system. On the decks was Toronto’s own Sam Haze, playing his signature house and tech house sound. He was getting things warmed up and played some catchy tunes that slowly brought people to the dance floor. Eventually it filled up and I noticed a very mature crowd that was there to simply dance and enjoy the music. The atmosphere was fun yet relaxed, which was different from the more high-paced events I have attended at Guv or Uniun.  Soon, it turned into 1am and Prok & Fitch took over the decks.

They started things off with some intoxicating house that filled the room with groovy vibes. The energy in the room was building up. Early on in their set they played one of their own tracks, Swarm, which had the classic house feel mixed with a punchy lead synth. Oldschool (Ahmet Sendil Mix) by Tocadisco, Koen Groeneveld & Ahmet Sendil followed that. Shortly after this Jay Lumen’s Get Back was dropped. Prok & Fitch were really into their mixing and it looked like they were having a lot of fun! The room was filled with energy and the crowd was really into the music. Everyone was dancing up a storm and had smiles on their faces. The set continued on with a good mix of tech house and straight up house music. Around halfway through they played Rocker (Prok & Fitch vs My Digital Enemy Remix) by Alter Ego. This track always gets me in the dancing mood, and it looked like there was a bit of an extra liveliness in people’s dancing when it came on.  If you have not heard it yet I highly suggest you give it a listen. I first heard it last year at the Veld Day 2 After Party with Steve Angello, and instantly fell in love with it.  A bit later on in the set, I Am Somebody by Carlos Fauvrelle & Peter Bailey and Raise Your Hands by Stereoliner & Chico Del Mar were dropped.  Another one of my favourites was also played, Coburn’s We Re-Interrupt This Programme (Tonka Remix). It had actually been years since I had heard this track. Their set ended a bit later around 3:30am and I went home satisfied.

Overall, I had an awesome night and was glad I decided on going to this event. I really enjoyed the night filled with lots of tracks I love. The crowd was great and the room was filled with good vibes. Moskito is a great place to simply go and enjoy music, especially on the Dynacord system and I highly recommend checking it out.

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