TRACKS: A review of Tritonal’s Bring Me Home feat. Meredith Call by Derek Yeung


Releasing their brand new three track EP titled Metamorphic I on March 25th, Texas trance duo Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, better known as Tritonal, complement the high energy lead single ‘Bullet that Saved Me’ with ‘Bring Me Home’.

Bring Me Home features the calming voice of Meredith Call which marks the second collaboration between herself and Tritonal.  This emotional track begins with a beautiful piano melody paired perfectly with Meredith’s heartfelt vocals alluding to a dynamic combination of strings and keys creating a soothing mix of layered melodies sure to have you in a hypnotic state time and time again.

It is evident that this orchestral track is a great portrayal of growth and diversity Tritonal has undergone as it is not what fans would usually expect from them.

Metamorphic I is absolutely a personal record” says Chad.  “If you explore the song titles and lyrics you’ll uncover the meaning of the EP as a whole.  I think many listeners will relate to it.”

The loyal followers, “Tritonians” as they are called, are living proof that Tritonal sounds already resonate powerfully with their listeners.  With their dedicated interaction with fans online and during their sets, Tritonal has landed a position on MTV Clubland’s “10 Artists to Watch in 2013” and earned a spot at #65 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s of 2012.

With their new EP release set just in time for festival season, trance fans keep your fingers crossed for a club mix of Bring Me Home as that would surely be an additional treat to the already stunning track.





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