TRACK: Aly & Fila ft. Chris Jones “Running Out of Time”


2013 brings a new dawn for Aly & Fila.  After months of hard work, the Egyptian duo finally reveals a first piece of the upcoming album, the long-awaited follow-up to Rising Sun.  Time to be intrigued, by the deep, warm Running Out Of Time featuring Chris Jones.

This year will be all about musical surprises.  Without ever letting down their beloved trance following, Aly & Fila set a new musical course, finalizing their new album.  Through Running Out Of Time, they give us a sneak preview of what’s to be expected.  And by doing so, they raise high expectations.  Running Out of Time features the distinct voice of UK singer Chris Jones, who’s previously worked with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Roger Shah and Ali Wilson. Together, they present a gentle-flowing tune, driven by guitar that comes in an original mix and much more trancy uplifting mix.  The future’s looking bright!






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