TRACK REVIEW: Joe Garston’s “Radio Flyer” by Sean Meiliunas


TRACK REVIEW: Joe Garston – “Radio Flyer” by Sean Meiliunas

The Brit Joe Garston is at it yet again with another excruciatingly happy track entitled Radio Flyer.  He has been working hard since his debut, releasing what seems to be a new track every month with label Plasmapool behind him.  I was pleased to hear that Garston is offering Radio Flyer free on his Soundcloud – so I went over and took a peek.

This wouldn’t be a Joe Garston masterpiece if it didn’t kick off with a drum loop with the kick drum hi-passed. Easy simple mixing. Very soon into the track we are blessed with Garston’s insanely happy lead synth. With its quirky attitude and bright atmosphere, this synth alone will make you smile (and maybe giggle a bit). 16 bars later, that thumping kick drum comes into play to drive us to euphoria. We’re slowly brought forth to different synth sounds.

I have to say, Garston’s synth design is truly amazing. Everything fits so well – not one synth goes unnoticed nor is overpowered. It’s a great balance of highs and lows. If you’ve listened to Joe Garston before, you will likely recognize almost all the synths that were used in this track. It helps you know who you are listening to.

The build is quick and simple. With the progressive chord pluck rising in frequency, a flashy snare roll and repetitive vocal sampling, Garston wastes no time getting to the drop. I did feel like the drop would be a lot “fatter” however it steers closely to the happy/melodic sound he is going for.  The dance drop is carried by the same melody we heard already but is crunched with a grungy electro bass every 4 bars to nicely balance out the song.

Joe’s fantastic use of quirky synth, flawless arrangement, and charming vocal sampling proves that an insanely happy track is nothing more than a great thing. With all the dirty, heavy electro tracks getting all the praise nowadays, Radio Flyer surely gives you a taste of something new and fresh – perfect timing for summer happenings. So put this track on your iPod and go frolicking in the fields full of smiles and puppies!

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