TRACK: Patrick Daniels “Regulation 91” OUT NOW


Relentlessly pursuing a balanced catalogue of timeless music, Provoke is proud to release the debut single from Patrick Daniels. To accompany the deep lows of the original, Subplot steps up with a 909-fueled, techno-induced remix.

Listen to the Original Mix:

Charged with ethereal properties from beyond, Regulation 91 uses nothing short of irresistible charm to distract listeners from their present surroundings. Serene cord progressions sooth over a melting bass line, resulting in an extraordinary arrangement between drums, percussion, and layered atmospheres. A Utopian breakdown featuring a powerfully immersive and suggestive vocal line sets the tone of the production, leaving listeners in a tranquil state of mind.

Listen to the Subplot Remix:

Take the original, and combine it with plucked cord stabs handpicked directly from the techno fields of Detroit. Throw in rich, lush, sub bass, and topple it with ferocious drum edits on the 4. Supercharge the breakdown with an energetic build that pulsates with a mixture of sub, rapid-fire hits, and a vague doffing of the brim to the original. You get the Subplot Remix.

Regulation 91 is available from Provoke exclusively at Beatport on Monday 8th April 2013, and all other reputable retailers on Monday 6th May 2013.

Buy it on Beatport today!


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