ALBUM REVIEW: UNER’s new Nagual EP by Lindsay Cabrera


Cadenza Records welcomes back Spanish producer UNER with his brand new EP Nagual, which features two new tracks and a bonus digital track. The second you hit play, the Nagual EP takes you along on a musical journey. UNER’s deep house sounds are majestic and this EP is most definitely EPic.

Nagual starts off with Bonheur (Part 1) which is just the beginning of the EP journey. A 12 minute track with a tribal rhythm, infectious melody line and light keys that make you automatically groove to the beautiful sounds UNER has created.

La Playa (Part 2), just shy of 12 minutes is a bright and urgent rhythm track, with trickles of the piano and percussions. At about 3:50 the bassline kicks in followed by the sounds of the piano at 5:21 only to perfect La Playa. I don’t know about you, but when I saw the title “La Playa” I immediately thought of Burning Man ( and “The Playa” full of art cars surrounded by “Burners” dancing until the sun comes up in the desert dust ( UNER’s sounds would fit right in at “The Playa.” You can find artists such as Carl Cox, Art Department and Lee Burridge at Burning Man. If you close your eyes and listen, La Playa takes you back to the Burning Man nostalgia or whatever your utopia may be.

Finally, the added bonus digital track Detector completes the EP with a deep and engrossing piece. In this track you’ll hear the organ paired with keys, keeping a light rhythm. At eight minutes and forty three seconds, Detector brings us to the end of the Nagual journey.

UNER is from a new generation of Spanish electronic music producers and has worked with labels such as Dynamic, Cadenza and 2020 Vision to name a few. A globe trotter, his sets have reached the world in places such as Berlin’s Watergate, Space and Pacha Ibiza, and festivals like Sonar, Monegros and Rock In Rio.

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