TRACKS: Drum & bass vets Gridlok and Prolix come together to release Membrane / Babylon


With pristine reputations and spotless discographies that span back to the turn of the century, the respective US/UK artists, Gridlok & Prolix, need little introduction as solo artists or as a collaborative duo.

June 3, 2013, the duo is set to release two crushing drum & bass tracks; Membrane is a turbo-charged rocket ride into drum & bass’ most alien landscapes. Hold on tight as we negotiate the tight, gnarly bends where an itchy scratchy lead scuffs the spectrum with infectious, growling glee. Simple yet devilishly complex, Membrane worms its way into the mind like an audio virus, refusing to budge until dancefloor insanity ensues.

Babylon, as the name suggests, is rich in sonic heritage. Bolstered with the very belly-bothering, visceral distorted bass that got many of us hooked on D&B in the first place, the main scenery on this part of the journey are the unforgiving low-end peaks that spike with Everest-level confidence. Climb their summits and you’ll spot the badland pastures of neurofunk lurking beneath.

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