NEWS: Episode 23 of Balance mixed by Radio Slave out today


Matt ‘Radio Slave’ Edwards is one of electronic music’s true experimentalists, a man rooted in house and techno whose oeuvre reaches a much farther beyond. Celebrating his abilities, he has been selected to create the next edition of the esteemed Balance Series. Balance 023: Radio Slave will be available in North America today.

The mix will be released on 2 discs – the first disc, sub-titled “White Skies”, is filled with dystopian grooves while disc 2, “Maestros & Memories” goes deeper with ambient, downtempo, and experimental flavors. According to Radio Slave, the whole mix is very personal account and reflection of a very turbulent few months for the artist.

This year has been a really tough one so far. I had a minor operation in January which went wrong and what was supposed to be a simple procedure turned into a real nightmare. I had to take 6 weeks off work, cancel a tour to the USA and I couldn’t do anything but hope for a speedy recovery. I also split with my girlfriend and had a huge fight with a best friend which is so not me. It was a series of events that seemed totally out of control and it really threw me off balance. So, it meant I had to delay working on this project, but I still believe the end product might be even better due to the earlier events of the year. Emotions and experience are so important for me as an artist and I believe I work best when I need to lose myself in my work and immerse myself in music.

A preview of “White Skies”:

“White Skies” is a snapshot of a night out with me starting with my infamous lift and ending with the sounds of Lincoln Boulevard. The tracks within could be spaced over a 6-hour session at the Panorama Bar so this is a very condensed set and I just wanted to include some of my classics, some unreleased secret weapons and it’s a mix that I’m sure would entertain my friends at an after party.

With this masterful, perfectly judged collection of tracks from five decades of record collecting, he has undoubtedly succeeded in presenting a vision that’s a million miles away from the generic sounds filling up so many floors in this day and age.

I’m constantly trying to always find the right balance of music for DJing and dig that bit deeper. I hear so many underground DJs who think they’re so cool but they don’t even scratch the surface, and it makes me crazy as these people make so much money out the scene but don’t invest anything back. So with the Balance CD I wanted to bring something different to the mixing desk.


CD 1
01. Radio Slave – Leaving Home… The Elevator Experience
02. DJ Bone – Change (Accapella)
03. Stephan G & The Persuader – Kaos
04. Julien Perez – Road to Dub
05. Delano Smith – Inspiration (Reconstructed by Makam)
06. Frost (Of) – Da Drop Suri (Rhadoo Mix)
07. Pooley & Parker – Lurchen Und Eulen (Radio Slave Mix)
08. Jeremy – Rhythmus
09. Brommage Dub – Untitled (Dub One)
10. Timeline – Ghosts of Graystone
11. Vadim – Pattern 18
12. Nina Kraviz – Choices (Fred P Reshape)
13. No Smoke – Koro Koro (Dub)
14. Brotherhood – Memorial Smith
15. Sandy Rivera – Liquid Interlude w/ Joe Claussell – Animation (Unchainedpella Joe Claussell mix)
16. Melchior Productions – Descendants
17. Radio Slave – Tantakatan (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
18. Larry Heard – First Call of the Morning
19. Radio Slave – Lincoln Boulevard

CD 2
01. Radio Slave – Coming Home… Sunday Night Flights
02. Ryuchi Sakamoto – Only Love Can Conquer Hate
03. Vince I. Watson – Hidden Behind the Eyes
04. The Machine – Continental Drift (Joe Claussell mix)
05. Skooby Laposky – Lighthouse (Theo Parrish mix)
06. Slum Village – One (Instrumental)
07. Jay Dee – B.B.E. (Big Booty Express) (Instrumental w/ Vox)
08. Linda Law – All The Night
09. Quiet Village – Can’t Be Beat
10. D.S. – Additional Elements
11. Portico Quartet – Laker Boo
12. Herbie Hancock – Nobu
13. Software – Present Voice
14. Radio Slave – U Bahn… Next Stop Panorama Bar?



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