REVIEW: Tomorrowland Day 2 @ De Schorre (Boom, Belgium) 27-07-13 by Lindsay Cabrera



After an amazing Day 1 of Tomorrowland, Day 2 was a whole different story – in a positive way of course! After 12 hours of sleep, a good meal and R&R, the HIIO crew were ready to take on the events of the day. We arrived around 6PM on Day 2, and made our way over to the nearest VIP area for some drinks, at the Super You & Me Stage with Martin Solveig.

Day 2 was extremely packed compared to Day 1 and the people of Tomorrowland were ready to go full force.  We made our way over to Main Stage where Axwell was bringing his energy and making the crowd go insane. Avicii then hit the stage after but I decided to check out the Kozzmozz Stage where Technasia was finishing up with Adam Beyer to follow. It was amazing. This stage was inside a tent and the energy that was emitting from this tent was contagious.


I stayed for a good 2 hours but then had to make my way back to Main Stage to meet the crew at our spot. As I exited the tent I felt droplets of rain come down, and the sky turned black. “Oh No…” I thought as I scurried back to Main Stage only to make it on time to find my crew before the torrential down pour. At first it was your standard rain coming down, and people were calm and threw on their ponchos, but then it really started coming down and people started to panic and tried to take cover anywhere possible.

At this point Armin Van Buuren walked onto the stage, but before he turned on his set, he made the announcement to the people of Tomorrowland that he had just came straight from the hospital where his wife gave birth to their baby boy. He then dedicated the set to his new son. Van Buuren seemed to be a little emotional, as I’m sure standing on Main Stage sharing this news with the people of Tomorrowland and the world was a beautiful moment for him.

It was absolutely down pouring with bolts of lightening lighting up the Belgium sky. There were two things we could do at this point – 1. Be miserable and leave

OR 2. Embrace it.


Obviously we embraced every moment. It was so much fun raging out in the rain with thousands of people with the number 1 DJ in the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better night. Near the end of Buuren’s set we made our way into the middle of the crowd, where we rain-danced in puddles with smiles on our faces. About 20 minutes before Day 2 ended the rain cleared up and we could all finally take some videos and pictures of what was left of his set.

Day 2 was a success, as I knew it would be…

Lindsay Cabrera  EDM TOR



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