ALBUMS: Whiiite releases Nightmares EP on the heels of Halloween


In celebration of all things creepy, crawly and downright dirty, Whiiite is happy to unleash his Nightmares EP. Featuring 2 new Whiiite originals and a co-production with bass heavy-hitter Calvertron and techno-wiz Craig Williams, this 3 track EP is riper than any pumpkin in the patch this time of year.

Hot on the heels of Whiiite’s Beekeeper EP and comic, Ol’ Black Magic is a further exploration of Trap. Using classic rolling trap snares and hi-hats Whiiite maniacally twists the bass around a wispy Peggy Lee vocal sample, creating a truly skin-crawling juxtaposition. If black magic doesn’t send chills down your spine, then perhaps Ghosts and Goblins will. This electro inspired track crafts a reality shift, taking the listener to a state of panicked escape. If ever there were a soundtrack for fleeing from evil spirits and ghouls, this song from Whiiite would supply it. The EP is rounded out by 200 Years,featuring the talents of Calvertron & Craig Williams. Wolf howls and voices from the undead lace this 4 to the floor industrial techno thrill ride that will have you dreading the drop around every corner.

You can download the EP for free now here.



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