EVENT: Ozmozis presents Simon Patterson in an open to close set at Mod Club 21.12.13



Ozmozis Productions | 19+ event | Virgin Mobile Mod Club | Toronto, ON

Simon Patterson began his career in the music business with an A&R position, which he held for several labels. He was signed by Seb Fontaine and also worked for Judge Jules and supported both of them with the music selection for their weekly radio shows on BBC Radio 1. He began playing as a DJ in 2000 and became popular through the trance project Dogzilla (2003 to 2008) along with Richie Kayvan. In 2006, Simon Patterson released his first solo single F-16. Two years later, he left the trance project Dogzilla to focus on his solo career.

Affectionately called #PsyPatt on social media, Simon has become highly regarded amongst the trance community, and has a regular fan base for his weekly radio show Open Up.  This will be the first Ozmozis event at the Mod Club and it has been hyping up all over Toronto!  Tickets are selling quickly so contact Jennifer Kim at 647-461-2331 or grab tickets online CLICK HERE.










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