REVIEW: Freakout! @ The Sound Academy 10-26-13 by Montana McGiverin


There was no doubting how mind-blowing Freakout was going to be once I pulled into the parking lot across from the Sound Academy. When I entered the building, I was welcomed by the unreal sounds of some drum and bass and before long, I was off and dancing.

Around 10:30, Hydee got behind the decks. Hydee, a top ranked DJ, is a staple in the bass music scene of Toronto and I was very happy to be seeing him play again. I always know to expect hard-hitting tracks from him and that’s exactly what he delivered. If you’ve seen him play before, then you know what I mean. After Hydee finished, Friction took to the stage.

Friction’s set was the one I was most excited for as I have been listening to him for two years now and Freakout was my first time seeing him live. His set had me two stepping like a crazy person from start to finish. In the middle of his set, he dropped one of my favourite tracks, Swag by DC Breaks. From that point forward, I didn’t believe that his set could be topped by anyone else that evening. Finally, after one more opening DJ, Roni Size, it was time finally time for Rusko.

As Rusko was about to come on, it seemed as if the crowd suddenly doubled in size. Like at any other Rusko show, everyone rushed to the front. I stayed in the back where I had room to dance. He started off with some powerful drum and bass and had the crowd jumping like crazy. He then went into some dubstep and eventually dropped a few trap songs. I really enjoyed his set; it was hype, fun, and full of energy. Up until his last song, Everyday – Rusko (Netsky remix), there was nobody standing still – the whole crowd was bopping and jumping.

As 12th Planet took to the stage, the venue partially emptied. To me, he had the most surprising set of the night. Usually known for spinning dubstep and trap, he threw in a solid 15-20 minutes of electro house. It was refreshing to hear something different from him but I still couldn’t wait until he switched back to his usual style.

Overall, the vibes, music, and party were all one for the books. I met some fellow bassheads and wore myself out from all the dancing. I freaked out – no doubt – and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Montana McGiverin  EDM TOR


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