TRACKS: Futuristic Polar Bears “Polarize” with their new release on Provoke


2014 is going to see an interesting shift in dance music as it begins to mature globally to the masses, and a new breed of production will begin pushing the boundaries of standards. The Futuristic Polar Bears have their sights set on being amongst those carrying the flag for advancing dance music to an ever-growing audience of budding enthusiasts. With a release schedule that will solidify their production quality in full motion, Provoke is proud to present Polarize.

Pacing in with a syncopated snare rhythm and a rising saw pitch, percussive melodies join force with heavy-set reverb and short-stabbing pads. The break forges a Trance inspired build as the track begins to take motion with filter upon filter upon filter, converging with booming low ends, sweeping white noise, and wobbling modulation to the brink. Tension releases on the drop, where the percussive leads once again take control to charge through, being accompanied by metallic, growling wobble bass lines for added effect. With lush breakdowns focused on easing through the hypnotic intensity of the leads, it’s quite evident that Futuristic Polar Bears are quite literally trying to polarize listeners with the range of this tracks dynamics.



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