EVENT REVIEW: Ozmozis presents Simon Patterson Open-to-Close at Mod Club 21-12-13 by Jenny Liang


Simon Patterson is ultimately one of my favourite DJs and everyone one knows how good his sets are, so of course a marathon set was something I was not going to miss. Though the weather was horrible and slippery, nothing was going to stop the die-hard “Psymon” fans from seeing him spin.

I arrived at The Mod Club roughly around 10:30PM and there were already a long line-up outside as people were waiting to enter. Even from the street, you could faintly hear the bass in the background and people were obviously anxious as they got closer and closer to the door. All we wanted to do was run inside and groove out!

The wait wasn’t long, and soon I was inside. The dance floor was already filled with people dancing and mingling. I was greeted by bass felt through my feet and lights blinking, calling me to dance.  The night started off with some dark and groovy tech-trance, setting the tone perfectly from the early on. I made my way around the club, greeted the friendly faces I found, and soon found myself catching up with faces I haven’t seen in a while. All the while, I couldn’t help but break out my moves. The music was just too good.

I decided to make my way up to the front of the crowd. I looked up at the stage and was watching Simon as I danced. He was in full concentration, completely focused on what he was doing and he would look into the crowd and put both his hands up with the audience. He was doing a damn good job, you could tell because there wasn’t one person in the room who wasn’t dancing. As the evening progressed and the venue started filling up, he made the transition from tech-trance to psy-trance. We were only 3 hours in, and you could tell that he had taken us all down into the rabbit hole with him; the energy level was going through the roof and people just simply couldn’t get enough!

I took a mini-break from all of the craziness happening in the main room and I quickly headed up to the White Room where Flux and Arnej were in the middle of a B2B. This was some killer techno, and was a nice change from the psy-trance and packed space in the main room. I spent some time in here just grooving out, then went back downstairs and joined the rest of the crowd.

Each song Simon played was pure perfection, there wasn’t a dull moment in that 6 hour set, I’d have to say it is one of his best sets of 2013. A little past the half-way point, after playing some hectic tracks, he dropped Leave Me Alone, Vanilla, and The One. The crowd went completely buck-wild and sang along to every word. The highlight of my night was when he played Vicious Cycles by Astrix. When I hear this play anywhere I just lose it!

By the five-hour mark, I was completely exhausted but I still couldn’t sit still. Everywhere you went, there were people performing light shows by the several talented glovers in the Toronto scene, people raging in every corner, and just when you thought the set couldn’t get any better, Arnej steps on stage with Psymon and we are throwing headfirst into a wicked B2B for the last 40 minutes of the night. They both ended the night on a high note with some 140bpm.

The lights turned on and sad but smiling people started lining up for coat check. Simon came down from the stage and greeted fans, thanking everyone who came out to see him, and signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone he could make time for. He had the biggest smile on his face and looked very pleased with how well the night had turned out. The Ozmozis team’s massive Simon Patterson night at Virgin Mobile Mod Club could not have been more perfect. Do you know what I’d call that open-to-close set? A master piece.

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