TRACKS: Official Music Video – DJ Jounce Vs. Doppleganger (Beyond the Glass) feat. Stefni Valencia


5 minutes and 30 seconds of an electro-house creation, in which DJ Jounce collaborated with vocalist Stefni Valencia, is beyond just another music video. The story line depicts on deeper issues about battling an inner duality. One’s strengths vs. weaknesses, confidence vs. insecurities, stability vs. instability and successes vs. failures. It’s about facing your demons and the consequences of either using any internal negativity to your advantage, or letting it consume and destroy you. The video is not a direct translation of the lyrics and concepts described, but an artistic representation of the message.


The Los Angeles native is making some serious noise in the Electronic Dance Music scene with his unique blend of electro and progressive house anthems. Kicking off 2013 with a 3 week tour of Asia (Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Japan, Bangkok, Thailand and Hanoi, Vietnam) followed by closing out the summer in Ibiza (Amnesia, PACHA and the Pukka Up boat parties), Jounce is ready to bring on a new year in 2014 with another world tour to start in January.

“Music is my life and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. It won’t end until I get to share this beautiful madness in my head with the world.” – DJ Jounce

Signed to Room Trip Records in Los Angeles, Jounce has performed in Hollywood at nightclubs such as Avalon, Exchange LA, Empire, Circus, King King, Ecco, and Le Cercle.









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