TRACKS: Damn Kids Releases “Absalom” as Free Download



On the heels of a strong 2013 which saw Damn Kids perform at Toronto’s premiere festival, Digital Dreams, make his North American West Coast debut at the historic Avalon Hollywood and chosen as Ones to Watch by Grid Magazine, 2014 looks to be the year for this bass executioner. Starting the year strong, Damn Kids presents Absalom, a big-room rotation that sways off of the path of his previous productions, and sees the aim targeted directly at the dance floor.

Rolling drums introduce Absalom with rising percussion before wayfaring into a build up filled with synth and sub bass layering that you wouldn’t expect from the man who traditionally avoids standard production terms such as ‘melody’. An over-driven kick that will literally pummel systems forges the drop where stabbed out synth percussion shows the trademark Damn Kids production technique, as synths blend into pitched vocal chop arrangements and fast hitting horns. Break 2 reverts to the initial builds pace, and motions up towards to a snare roll that evidently reveals that a trapped out drop is imminent, featuring large 808 kick drums, sharp hi hats and snare rolls to round Absalom out nicely.








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