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Attention music enthusiasts! We have something new you may be interested in hearing. Buffalo Producer/DJ Grabbitz has collaborated with Strictly Embee on a 3 track EP that features a new sound in town, something, which has yet to be classified. At 130-155 BPM, this sound isn’t quite dubstep, progressive or electro house, but something we are going to call Experimental Electronic.

The EP features:

Clap Ya Hands/The Island



The EP starts off with Clap Ya Hands/The Island, which has the elements of a drum and bass vibe mixed with electronic. It then slows down into a melodic melody wrapping up the energetic track with bliss.

Next we have Unorthodox – a busy track with unique sounds which drops into a mix of trap and electronic. At about 2:00 minutes, Unorthodox takes a turn brining you tantalizing beats.

Lastly, we have my personal favorite out of the EP – Roda. Slowing it down into more of a Trap vibe, Roda has a quirky, fun, catchy sound to it. With drums and a South American sounding influence, Roda is super chill.

Check out the EP and see if you’re feeling the vibe of this new unofficial sound.





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