REVIEW: Calyx and Teebee, Dillinja and Hydee at The Guvernment by Montana McGiverin



Calyx and Teebee made a triumphant return to Toronto on February 7th, 2014, bringing nothing but one unreal show and probably the best one I’ve been to in a very long time. If you know me, you know I live for some good ol’ drum and bass but this show exceeded my expectations by a landslide.

The night started off with nothing short of some good vibes, something that Hydee always brings along during his sets. I know I’ve stated this before, but I truly love Hydee: for his music and his appreciation of fans; something every performer should hold. He led right into one massive set by none other than Toronto’s own Rene Lavice. This was the first time I had seen Rene since last spring, but I already knew he was going be good, if not better. There’s not a doubt in my mind that this guy took the set of the night for two important reasons: one being that he played Back To Your Roots by Jonny L (Friction & K-Tee Remix), that one’s self-explanatory if you love drum and bass as much as I do. The second reason being is that he had Ivy Mairi come out and perform live vocals for All My Trials.

I had goosebumps, and there’s nothing that could’ve topped that.

I had never seen Dillinja before but all my junglist friends couldn’t wait for his set, and for that I knew I had to set my standards high for what was to come. Nothing could’ve prepared me for what actually ensued… nothing but strong basslines and old school jungle. I was truly impressed, but it left me hyped for headliners Calyx and Teebee who were next.

Having one of the most unreal DJ duos in the drum and bass scene perform live on not two, not four, but SIX decks was one of the most intense things I’ve witnessed at The Guvernment. I’ve seen countless DJs perform on that stage but very few things could ever touch that madness. I had been waiting since Andy C’s release to hear Haunting live and when they dropped that, I went absolutely bonkers.

Calyx and Teebee‘s own remix of Example – All The Wrong Places

There was a reason why they made us wait almost two months for this show since it was announced, and their set proved that it was 100% worth it.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever danced so hard at a show before but it’s setting the standard high for the rest of 2014. This show will be hard to trump, as I know it will forever be one of the best I’ve been too. Big thanks to Sonorous Events, Groundspace and Toronto Jungle for this massive event, can’t wait to see what’s next!




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