EP REVIEW: DJ Hi Fi – Through the Entire by Amrit Sandhu


DJ Hi Fi became interested in house music in the early 90s, focusing on funky house, soulful house and disco house music. It was not until 2005 that he began creating and producing his own music. His message is one thing: “to create positive dance music and produce a light atmosphere with personal character”, something he has done with this EP called “Through the Entire”.

The first track off of the EP is the Through the Entire – Ambient Chill Track. It is a very chill and clean track. It’s one of those tracks you just want to kick back and relax to and the piano melody makes you feel as though you are soaring. It’s a beautiful melody and reminds me of some classic trance tracks, like Man on The Run by Dash Berlin. It’s this melody that drags you in and allows you to float away with the music. It is a beautiful crafted track and honestly I have nothing bad to say about it, it mesmerizes me in a way I cannot describe. This track makes me feel as though I’m on a deserted island and enjoying the sun.

The second track is Through the Entire – Extended Mix, a much more up tempo of the previous track. This track is more trance-based but is equally stunning. It highlights every note and takes me away from this world and onto another. These songs remind me of classic trance songs from back in the day, from early Gabriel & Dresden tracks to very early Armin van Buuren tracks. The Extended Mix is amazing and by far goes back to the roots of trance, absolutely love it and keeps me wanting more.

The final track off of this EP is the Through the Entire – Radio Mix, it is a shorter version of the Extended Mix but has all the key components of a classic trance track. The piano helps carry you away while the beat keeps you in the here and now. This song is melodic and has the feel of Ibiza while enjoying a drink or two. It is 3 minutes of your life in pure bliss and I would not change a thing. This EP is definitely one to have in your collection when trance is your religion.

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