NEWS: Learn Kung-fu from Laidback Luke in Miami on 28-03-14

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Ever woke up from a dream where you were casually hanging out with your favourite DJ? Imagine waking up from a dream that you were getting taught the art of Kung Fu by huge house producer Laidback Luke. What if we told you this dream could come true on March 28th, 2014 in Miami?


Laidback Luke presents The Kung Fu Miami Takeover at Fontainebleau Miami Beach during Miami Music Week. As a gold medalist kung-fu champion, this DJ is stepping up and teaching his fans the basics. If you thought this guy was just a music producer, take a look at his five medals he won in the championships in Hong Kong; that’s legit. The event will be an extremely open experience and Luke says that everyone is welcome! He decided to host a class after the buzz of Holy Ship. Check out his original tweet when he announced his Miami kung-fu extravaganza: Be sure to check out the replies to see just how genuine and responsive he is to his fans!

This legendary class will cost attendees only $10 and it is absolutely free for spectators. It’s amazing to see a big producer wanting to genuinely give something to his fans; he’s not looking for a money grab. What a guy! If you’re going to be in Miami, try something new and buy your tickets here: If you want to know what to expect from this dance-floor/kung-fu master, have a sneak peak at his skills here:

If you think he’s a cool dude now, read this interview he just did for Miami New Times, a sponsor of the event: We just fell a little further in love with this generous Filipino-Dutch artist. Good on you, Luke!
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