REVIEW: Dash Berlin at Muzik 14-03-2014 by Jenny Liang


I can’t describe what an incredible night I had seeing Dash Berlin at Muzik Nightclub. I felt like I had died and went straight to trance heaven.

Arriving shortly before midnight, I caught the end of Andy Ares‘ set and he was doing a bang-up job! As soon as I walked through the doors he dropped Above & Beyond vs. Gareth EmeryOn a Metropolis Day. I haven’t heard that song in so long and he instantly blew my mind away. I couldn’t help but dance with a big smile on my face, and I knew from that moment on that the night was going to be amazing! I walked over to the dance floor and he played Ummet Ozcan’s Reboot. The crowd was going crazy for it!  It seemed as though everyone was already having a blast and the main event had not even started yet. A big shout goes to Andy for his incredible job on hyping up the crowd for Dash Berlin.  If you haven’t heard him play yet, I suggest you do.

12:30 p.m. hits, Dash Berlin steps in the DJ booth, the crowd erupts with cheers and applause and he opens with his remix of John Legend’s song All of Me. Can you say “perfect intro”? The melody and lyrics made my hair rise and toes curl; I love music that you can feel from your heart. This was my first time at Muzik, and I have to say they have a beautiful venue. I did not expect the dance floor to be so huge, either! What I loved the most was the fact that I had enough room for myself to really rage throughout the night.

The crowd was phenomenal. Everyone was super friendly and everywhere I looked people were singing their hearts out, hands up to the sky. There wasn’t one motionless body in the room; I could only imagine what we looked like from Dash’s point of view. Every-so-often confetti would fall into the crowd and it was beautiful, it definitely made me smile from the inside out.

As the night went on I was sucked deeper into the world of Dash Berlin. Before I had time to think about catching my breath Til The Sky Falls Down could be heard sneaking out from the speakers. I put my hands up. This track always gets to me. Of course, me being a true “Dasher”, I was singing at the top of my lungs to every single word and high-fiving every person around me who was doing the same; it was a golden moment. Just when I thought the night couldn’t possibly be topped, he played Better Half of Me. I absolutely could not believe my ears! I had been waiting years for this moment. I broke out in tears and had to move closer to the DJ booth.

The closer I got, the more surreal it felt hearing him play one of my favourite tracks. Seeing him up-close marks one of the best moments of my life. He then capped the night off with RAM and Susana RAMelia and my tears just kept coming. Not a single moment of the night was I not dancing and singing. This night goes down as one of my most memorable ever, and I still can’t believe how awesome it was.

Before the night ended, we were treated to a short set from Maxum. Only playing for a short period of time, he ended the night off on a high note, keeping the crowd dancing right until close.

Words can’t describe how incredible I felt walking out of Muzik Night Club. It’s just one of those nights that I would do over and over again. If you haven’t seen Dash Berlin, I suggest you experience this artist once. Maybe, just maybe, you will fall in love with him, like I did.


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