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Revolution vs Machine (RvM) has been making attendees dance since 2009, as a party to explore the boundaries between alternative and mainstream electronic music. This edition of RvM was not different. Combining all the things I adore about dance music: the music, the lights, the people, the outfits, the positive vibes, and brought it to one venue, Club 120, on Saturday March 8th, 2014. This event was a late one and ended close to 4 a.m.

I arrived around 10:30 p.m. and heard music pumping from the corner of Church and Richmond. No one was outside as I opened the doors and walked up the stairs. The flashing lights and the music intensified as I near the top and opened the venue door. I had been to Club 120 one time previously and the layout was now different. The DJ booth was above the crowd, when you walked into the venue, if you looked up it was in front and above you. The stage had a lone stripper pole that was currently unoccupied.

First DJ on deck was DJ Sprout, who play a mix of Jump and Hardstyle. The crowd was sparse, but the dancers on the floor were shuffling like no tomorrow. You can find his recorded set and tracklist below. I walked in as Duck Party Anthem was playing on the speakers. Say what you want about LMFAO, they are a guilty pleasure, they make music to dance to, and dance I did.


Paul Savage was up next, mixing all things dirty, dirty Electro. The ample space on the dancefloor was becoming less and less as more shufflers, glovers and dancers claimed their space on the floor. I decided to walk upstairs to the second level and watch the action from above. It’s an amazing sight to see glovers, arms, legs and various body parts grooving and moving under black light while bass is pumping through your body.

The great thing about Club 120 is the multi-level space. The sound travels well throughout the entire club.
Jon Electra’s Monster saw the dance floor fill to capacity. The last people to the dancefloor looked for the little space left and the stage was being utilized by a few dancers looking to show off their dance moves. 11:30 p.m. marked the first performer on the pole. For anyone who has ever attempted to pole dance or taken a pole dance class, you know grace, strength and flexibility to it takes to make your moves look effortless. Kudos to the performers, you made me tired watching you. Also, shoutout to John, with the Pikachu bag, for the quick shuffle lesson! I by no means should ever attempt to shuffle in public but I appreciate the encouragement and you telling me no one cares or is watching!


Next up was Edwin Somnambulist, whose set was filled with High-Energy EBM and Industrial. I haven’t explored the EBM (electronic body music) genre as much as I liked to but I clearly remember the first rave I ever attended at 16 in a community centre in Etobicoke, was playing EBM. This set was a reminder of why I fell head over heels in love with electronic music. Never had I seen anyone no have a care in the world and left everything on the dance floor. It was amazing to re-establish the carefree nature of ravers, their love of music and togetherness as a community. My favourite part of the night was when Edwin Somnambulist played [x]– Rx’s Industrial Rave Revolution. This was the first Industrial song that made me want to explore Industrial as a genre. See Edwin Somnambulist’s tracklist below.

Continuing my walk down memory lane was Shok’s set, playing hardstyle. His set was filled with a mix of Hardstyle producers and Hardstyle remixes of well-known songs by artists such as Ian van Dahl, Armin van Buuren, Die Antwoord and DJ Sammy. You remember your first moment you discovered electronic music, and you instantly fell in love? You didn’t understand the complexity of a song nor the production but you know that you love it and want to dance? This is how I found Hardstyle. I randomly picked up “Hardstyle Sessions Vol. 7” after a trip to New York in 2006 and played the album on repeat, much to my parents displeasure. You can listen to Shok’s preview and find his tracklist below.


Last to the DJ booth was Saiyan who played Hardcore. The crowd was starting to thin as 3 a.m. was coming close, it didn’t help that the time change came and went during the night. With ample dance room the last remaining dancers were able to show off their best moves. I took the opportunity to get one last view of the dancefloor, from the third level, before I took my exit. The two ladies in white were filling the stage and utilizing the pole to their full advantage. Kudos to the lady in black doing all the wrap-around moves at the end of the night! You, my dear, are a sight!

I must say, I wish more people would attend local events hosted by the very talented local DJ/producer pool in Toronto. I highly recommend checking out a RvM event in the upcoming future and checking out the darker sounds of electronic music! Thanks to the RvM crew for a wonderful event full of dancing and to Club 120 for hosting another spectacular event! I can’t wait until the next one!

Sprout’s Tracklist
1. LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It (Dr. Phunk Bootleg)
2. Rhianna ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love (Dr. Phunk Remix)
3. Alvaro – Make the Crowd Go (Dr Phunk Remix)
4. Transfarmers – Dammit This is Not Tetris
5. Dr. Rude – Eat Sleep Rave BOOYAH!
6. Brennan Heart and The Prophet – Wake Up! (Dr. Rude Remix)
7. Tricky Nation – Tricky Tricky (Dr Rude Remix)
8. Da Tweekaz – Duck Party Anthem
9. Brennan Heart and Wildstylez – Lose My Mind (MKN Remix)
10. Bass Modulators – NRGizer
11. Ivan Carsten – Bumpin’ Hard (Tuneboy vs Sydney Blu Mash Up)
12. Headhunterz – From Within (Adrenalize Remix)
13. Nuron – Push
14. Braken – To The Stars (Atlantis Bootleg)
15. Noisecontrollers – What!?
16. Hans Teeuwen – Snelkookpan (Frequencerz and Jack of Sound Remix)
17. Hardstyle Mafia ft. Yuna-X – Follow Me

Paul Savage’s Tracklist
1. Proxy – Raw (Haezer Remix)
2. Karluv Klub – Mosquito (Original Mix)
3. Marc Remillard – asylum (original mix)
4. Savant – Sustainer KRMT (Original Mix)
5. Bassjackers & GRX – Gamer
6. Showtek – Slow down (Original Mix)
7. Zedd & Skrillex – Don’t Slam The Cinema
8. Daddy’s Groove – Hurricane (Club Mix)
9. Apashe – Ritual (Kelle & Juha Remix)
10. Svidden – Brettafjack
11. Cyberpunkers – OMG (Max Cherry’s ‘FMO Support Youth’ Remix)
12. Black Tiger Sex Machine – Midnight Violence (Original Mix)
13. Belzebass – Hell yeah
14. Vexare – Not Again (Robots)
15. SubVibe – Back To You
16. Bingo Players – L’amour (Original Mix)
17. John Dish – Karmma (Original Mix)
18. Rabbit Killer and Farleon – Jump and Shout (Lazy Rich Remix)
19. Jon Electra – Monster
20. Warp Brothers – Phat Bass (Funk D’s Remastered Bootleg)
21. Slugfest – Enerchi (Moshalah Remix)
22. Naxx – Dominator (Mr Fluff Remix)
23. Kai Wachi – Devastating
24. ZOOn’r – Stone (Original Mix)
25. Far Too Loud – Lightbringer
26. OMG & ShockWave – Magnetize
27. Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ In (Skrillex Goin’ Hard Mix)
28. Die Antwoord – Fatty boom boom (Joaquin Bootleg Remix)
29. Deorro feat. Pasha – Red Lips (Original Mix)

Edwin Somnambulist’s Tracklist
1. Alesia – Andrea
2. Sleepless – I Waited
3. Front Line Assembly – Exhale
4. Shiv-R – Pharmaceutical Grade (Sigue Sigue Sputnik electronic remix)
5. Alien Vampires – Harsh Drugs & BDSM (Statik Sky Submissive Mix)
6. Strobe Connector/Cutoff:sky – Nightshift
7. Distatix – Synthetic
8. Noisuf-X – Warning
9. Soman – Delta Pi
10. Combichrist – Happy Fcuking Birthday
11. Modulate – Dirty Fckn Disco (Modulate vs Shaun-F
12. Cuttoff:sky – Shields Down
13. Grendel – Out of my Mind
14. X-RX – Industrial Rave Revolution
15. XP8 – The Doctor
16. SAM – Buzz Chamber

Shok’s Tracklist
1. Crypsis vs. TNT and Audiofreq – Break Down Screwdriver (Tazy Mashup)
2. Ian van Dahl – Castles In The Sky (Deni & Chaser Remix)
3. Frontliner – You Got Me Rocking
4. S3rl – Bass Slut
5. Da Tweekaz & In-Phase – Bad Habbit
6. Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (D Grove Hardstyle Mix)
7. Coone ft. Nikkita – Monstah
8. Armin Van Buuren – Shivers (Frontliner Mix)
9. Die Antwoord Zef Side vs. Coca – Extreme Voice (Geck-o Mashup)
10. Killaheadz – Dark Knight
11. DJ Sammy – Heaven (Sonix Bootleg)
12. Tatanka – Let’s Rock (Wildstylez Remix)
13. DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami (Jay Cosmic Remix)
14. Geck-o – Space Jam (Bootleg)(Shok’s Vodka Slam Edit)



Paul Savage 
Edwin Somnambulist 

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