TRACK REVIEW: Amyntas & Daniar – Cold Hearted by Amrit Sandhu



Amyntas & Daniar are from the Netherlands, a country where DJ history is very rich and well known for. Amyntas’ real name is Marvin de Feijter and he’s been mainly producing hardstyle and electro house but has known to experiment with other genres. He had started producing music when he was 15 years old, initially in hardstyle. In 2012 he made the switch over to electro-house and started Amyntas. Daniar’s real name is Ramon Hirdes. He started out at the age of 13 as an hardcore DJ, on vinyl, then at 16 he started playing/producing house. The two met last year and became fast buddies and decided to form a DJ/Producer duo. This is the second track produced by the pair, the first track being Perfect Match.

This track, however, named Cold Hearted, is mixing it up. Initially starting with a Dutch-house feel and then switching it up into a more trance vibe. Allowing the track to have a cool “wash over” effect that allows you to chill back before it builds up and kicks back into an edgier electro house groove creates such a chilling feel. The bass line reminds you of being at a festival and amazing before kicking it off with an electro/trance/house feel and then back to the trance state which makes the person get hooked into the whole song again. Then the hard kicks just send your body into shock while the melody just builds. The build up into the electro-house keeps me going and then the drop over again keeps me on my toes. Ending it with the trance vibe and a build up to the ending is just phenomenal.

This song kept me guessing at what was coming next, although a bit repetitive, it still kept me on my toes and continued my groove. It is a well produced track and I’m looking forward to hear what these guys do next.

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