TRACK REVIEW: Matt Sassari – Circu Phage EP + Remixes by Amrit Sandhu



Matt Sassari hails from Marseille, France. He was born on March 8, 1992 and at an early age discovered a love of techno. He started taking production seriously at the age of 18, at first with house music but soon after pursued his own style.

His new track Circu Phage has an eerie, dark feel to it. Listening to it makes me feel I’m entering one of those small, dark clubs and heading into the unknown. With the crows in the background, I feel as though it’s Halloween night. The smooth groove and beat keep the track moving from start to finish. The build up is amazing and kicking it into a drop keeps me entertained.

The Circu Phage (Raul Mezcolanza Remix) is just phenomenal. The main bassline creates another dimension, reminding me of an early Sander Van Doorn track. The breaks in between allow the person to grip onto the music and then get sucked right in, this includes the main break and then kicking it into the main beat again. Overall it is a really good remix and one of my favourites off of this EP.

The next remix on this EP is Circu Phage (D-Unity Remix), which gives it a more housey feel. It took me back to the early 90s and the house/disco/techno scene. D-Unity does a good job at switching up elements and creating different moments within a track. This is a bass heavy remix however but it still works with the dark elements of the original track.

Finally the Circu Phage (Adrian Hour remix) stays in line with the original track, but creates a longer or what seems a longer time line with each beat. It is at a higher frequency or note than the original track and creates different levels for the switch up. Overall, this is a very good EP and definitely one to have if you are a techno/tech or even a tech house fan.

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