TRACKS: GRiZ x Lettuce “Slippin Into Darkness” (GRiZ Remix ft. Jessica Griffiths) Free Download


Photo Credit: Joshua Hanford

Photo Credit: Joshua Hanford

At a mere 23 years old, the talented artist GRiZ (Grant Kwiecinski) is taking the world by storm with his personal brand of soulful electro-funk injected with his secret weapon, the saxophone. Today GRiZ serves up a fresh new take on Lettuce’s Slippin Into Darkness with vocals by Jessica Griffiths. The young ingenue dices up the original song’s slick grooves with crunchy, jacking beats, all drizzled over with a soulful outpouring of GRiZ’s trademark groovy sax. Download the official Lettuce remix for free HERE.

GRiZ’s ‘Rebel Era’ 
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