TRACKS: Headhunterz Officially Releases “Breakout” Out Now On Ultra Music



“It audaciously fuses machete bass blasts and rifle synth shots with hypnotic interludes that take you off the sonic battlefield to an unexpected yet euphonious place.” – DJ MAG  “Its sure to be a festival favorite once it drops via Ultra Records on March 7.” – Vibe

“Breakout” is undeniably softer than previous outings as its intro is padded with swollen synths and a distinct melody that dances over the keyboards. It takes merely a sinister build for the switchblade to engage, however, and an ominous vocal ushers in the pogo-ready bass stomps that cemented the Dutch producer’s spot in the hearts of Q-Dance fans worldwide.” – Dancing Astronaut

On the heels of the massively successful Anti-Bullying anthem, “United Kids of the World,” which projected Headhunterz into the eyes of Entertainment Tonight and Billboard, the titan of hardstyle returns harder than ever with Breakout feat. Audiofreq. Continuing to take-over North America as hardstyle’s ambassador, Willem Rebergen now looks to venture into new territories and make his Coachella debut this April.

“United Kids of the World” provided yet another landmark in what was  an important year for Headhunterz, by creating an anthem for the unheard bullied kids of the world. In efforts to  ensure everyone’s voice was heard, Ultra Music and Headhunterz teamed up with, who prides themselves on harnessing the awesome energy and unleashing it on causes teens care about.

With Breakout, a collaboration between Headhunterz and Australian DJ/Producer Audiofreq, Willem keeps on exploring his style and pushes his boundaries, combining big anthemic synth chords with his iconic kick drums. At the climax a mythical voice speaks out, “Weapons Ready – Let’s Dance,” and instigates an all-out battleground with lethal drum patterns, and in-your-face-bass meshed with eargasmic harmonic swells. Willem is a master of sound engineering, which can be heard from the very first chord progression of Breakout. With guns blazing, it hooks you in as it combines unique sounds and effects,  culminating into a plush soundtrack through a journey of all senses.

Headhunterz stands for musical integrity. Breakout is no exception, and is sure to be one of 2014’s biggest tunes, while being heard at festivals and in all music fanatics speakers around the world.

Last year, Headhunterz made his Ultra Music debut with Colors featuring Tatu, which broke into Holland’s Top 5 on iTunes, as well as topping the Beatport Hard Dance chart and becoming a No.1 in less than an hour. In support of the monstrous track, he completed a coast-to-coast endeavor with the EXPLODE tour,  making Headhunterz a true diplomat of hardstyle and representing  diverse crowds hungry to be pushed musically.

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