TRACK REVIEW: Carlo Lio – Don’t You Worry by Nusrat Kamal


Carlo Lio is a very prominent figure in the Toronto Tech House scene, his music influenced me to check out more of the beauty that is Tech House. I’ve seen him live several times, and he’s blown me away every time. I follow his music religiously online. When he put out a snippet of his new song Don’t You Worry on Soundcloud, naturally,  I was all over it. From the first listen, I was hooked. The track was released March 2014 through prominent tech house label Desolat – the German based label founded by Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich. This track is part of “Desolat X-Sampler 2014,” which features a collection of tracks by various big names in the Tech House scene.

The track starts with his signature bass flow, that can also be easily heard in his remix of Macromism‘s track Groover.  It has a nice, bouncy, upbeat edge as you’re bopping your head to it. There’s also a continued vocal throughout the track. I feel that the track has something Bollywood about it, referring to some of the melodies. It is beautifully produced. It will be interesting to see how he mixes this particular song in his future live sets, because of the unique melody this song has.

Overall, I was a fan of the song from the first listen. It’s different, it’s pleasurable to the ears, and you can’t help but bring out some dance moves.

Buy the track and hear it for yourself right here via this LINK to Beatport.

Listen to the snippet:







Nusrat Kamal EDM TOR


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