NEWS: Above & Beyond Perform Backwards at Ultra Music Festival + more

Above & Beyond Perform Backwards at Ultra Music Festival
First Single “Stick Fingers” From 3rd Artist Album
Debut New Track “Blue Sky Action”
Photo by RUKES

Photo by RUKES


Around 16 minutes into their Ultra Music Festival Main Stage set on Saturday night, it began to rain on Above & Beyond‘s Paavo and Tony. After the forward facing DJ gear fried in the downpour, there was no choice but to finish on a secondary protected set up that was facing the back of the stage.
“One of the more memorable shows of our lives thanks to some rather intense weather – thank you all for battling against the elements with us. The rain totally fried all our on-stage equipment around 16 mins into this video, forcing us to play on the reserve decks with our backs to the crowd and a giant LED rig blocking our view. The video feed drops out 7 minutes from the end, also due to the inclement weather, but we figured you’d still enjoy the audio so we left it in – the pictures do also return right at the very end.”
The set also heard two new releases coming soon from the band, Blue Sky Action saw its world premiere, along with Sticky Fingers, the upcoming first single from their 3rd artist album.
Watch the full video of the set here:

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