TRACK REVIEW: Martin Duckworth ft Amber Traill – Let Me Go by Rory Harrison


Fledgling trance label TranceCoda has unearthed the talents of two fresh faces, UK based producer Martin Duckworth and Aussie-born Canada-based vocalist Amber Traill, to bring us a smashing uplifting trance tune, Let Me Go. This powerful euphoric number is sure to do damage on the dancefloors around the world and has already made quite a splash in the trance community.

IMG_8984From the get-go there is no messing about. An incisive and powerful 138 bassline gets the ball rolling and the pulse speeding up, and then the high-hat kicks in to get the head bopping. Before long, the bass fades as faint strains of a melody are heard… but only faintly, the bass partially returns to accompany a striking vocal entrance.

As lyrics fill the ears, filled with emotion, a tale of woe and regret meets the listener. Amber’s voice contains both an ethereal metallic quality and still a soft and sultry presence at the same time. This first verse plays very much the part of teaser as finally a portion of the main melody, simple building pads, follows, drawing you deeper. Then the chorus follows, Amber’s heartfelt lyrics striking some powerful chords, filled with longing, almost pleading over a failed love.

The main buildup is a work of art. Slow and gradually rising and progressive synth plucks and pads eventually joined by Amber’s voice lead up to a euphoric and energetic drop. I can imagine this slamming melody and bass combo tearing up a club or beach as the main euphoric part of the song slams out of the speakers in my room. For a maiden production this beauty is incredibly advanced and will hold its own this summer.

In fact, popular radio shows are already quick to support Let Me Go and some of the biggest names in trance are showing the love. Brian Kearney, Indecent Noise, Dave Correa, Temple One, and Mike Push are just some of the stars that are sitting up and taking notice. Perhaps, most notable of all, is that it was featured on Simon Patterson’s BBC radio 1 Essential Mix and astoundingly was named Wonder of the Week by trance titans Aly and Fila on Future Sound of Egypt.

For Amber, Martin and the team at TranceCoda, the future looks bright indeed!

Be sure to check out both the instrumental and original mixes of this song which are available now here on Beatport.

Released by: Trancecoda Recordings
Release date: 7 April 2014


Amber Traill


Martin Duckworth

Rory Harrison EDM TOR


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