NEWS: Anna Lunoe Releases Her Coachella Set Filled With New & Unreleased gems


After just two years of living in the United States DJ/Producer/Vocalist Anna Lunoe has accomplished one of her many ambitious goals; to play Coachella.

Two years ago when I first moved to the U.S., I had this crazy dream that I played Coachella. It was totally unimaginable at that point, but I tweeted about my dream in the hope that if I told the Internet maybe it would come true. When I got the offer to play—two years after—it was a mix of incredible joy with lesser or equal parts paralysing fear. I mean, how do you even prepare for Coachella? ”   -Anna Lunoe on playing Coachella

If you missed the amazing live experience, now that Coachella has come and gone Anna has turned her Coachella(Weekend 1) set into her newest installment of the ‘Luney Tunes Mix Series’. Take a listen and find out how Anna Lunoe does ‘prepare for Coachella.’

Unlike most uploaded Coachella sets, Anna treats her ‘Luney Tunes’ series in the fashion of a proper radio show. Guiding the listener in and out of familiar and unreleased material, providing narrative and a few fun facts along the way.

Make sure to keep your ears open for some very special guest vocal drops from some of Anna’s friends such as; A-Trak, Taku, Nina Las Vegas and more.

Sit back, enjoy and download Anna Lunoe’s newest addition the her very own ‘Luney Tunes’ mix series with this very special Coachella Edition.

You can download the entire mix here, on her Facebook page:


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